Can birds eat eggs? Do they like them?

Humans eat eggs in a variety of ways, people and some animals get to enjoy eggs but do birds? Can birds eat eggs?

Birds can and do eat eggs. Birds need protein in their diet, hunting isn’t always fruitful and plant protein isn’t always enough. For this reason, birds will eat eggs. When serving eggs to birds you can boil them or serve them raw. Crush the shells to prevent the bird from getting cut up on the inside.

Birds, as a species, are one of the best survivalists there are. One reason for this is their ability to migrate and also their ability to find food no matter where they fly to.

They are resourceful omnivores that are highly manageable and adorable pets. Birds love variety in their diets. They especially need and love animal protein. They need a lot of calories to fuel their flapping wings, running feeds, chatty beaks, and batting eyes. Can we substitute plant and animal meat protein with eggs? Can birds eat eggs?

As opportunistic omnivores birds eat both meats and plants. Their bodies use up a lot of energy and as because of this, they need animal proteins rich in calories to keep going.

While insects and bugs have protein, it may not be enough. The bird needs to eat many plants to get enough plant protein. Eating this many plants will make the birds bulky and hard to fly. So, a substitute is needed.

Can birds eat eggs?

Yes, birds can and do eat eggs. While larger predatory birds will have little or no trouble adding animal meats to their diets, small birds are not so lucky. Instead, smaller birds spend many hours consistently eating and hunting small prey to get animal protein.

In the wild, small birds feed on hordes of bugs, insects, worms in addition to protein-rich plants and nuts. Domestic birds may not have such variation or constant protein-rich foods even with bird feed.

Benefits of birds eating eggs:

Eggs are a power-packed wholesome source of energy for birds. Animal protein is high in calories that satisfy the needs of bird bodies. Protein is necessary to repair tissues, strengthen muscles, and for growth. Likewise, it is needed as a form of fuel for energy.

In addition, the benefits of eggshells satisfy the need for grit which is ideal for bird digestion. Since birds don’t have teeth they rely on particles from the ground like pebbles, sand and even pelts of seeds to crush and mash foods in their gullets or stomach.

Pebbles can carry fungi and sand can contain pests, so birds eating eggshells is a healthier option. In addition, eggshells can be digested and are a source of calcium making it an even more beneficial and wholesome choice in comparison to alternatives.

Dangers of birds eating eggs:

While eggs are nutritious they can be problematic too. The embryonic nature of eggs creates an environment prone to fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

For this reason, eggs can cause infections and serious diseases in birds. Also, for safety, eggshells need to be crushed by either you or the bird before it can eat them. Eggs have sharp edges, these edges can cause internal damage to birds.

Not all eggs are created equal. Reptile eggs are brittle and sharp. Ostrich and peacock eggs are larger and have thick shells which can be difficult for birds to eat. Chicken eggs are more fragile and easy to locate at your regular store or farmers markets.

That being said, processed eggs are, more often than not, injected with stimulants and preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. These preservatives and stimulants can have negative effects on birds.

How to prepare eggs for your birds

All in all, eggs are a favourite and tasty treat for birds. They get benefits from more than just the contents but also the shells as well. Feeding egg to birds requires some preparation.

Uncooked or boiled eggs are great because giving birds eggs this way is close to how the eggs are in the wild.

You can make a sticky batter of peanut butter and eggs mixed together for smaller and younger birds.

Scrambled and fried eggs run the risk of having too much oil and trans-fat for the bird’s digestive system. That being said, birds will eat these eggs and still benefit from them too. Just don’t make this a frequent meal.

Crushed eggshells can be dangerous to birds because of their sharp edges. If you are crushing shells make sure that they are crushed very finely. You can also give the bird a slightly cracked raw egg. It will eat the contents and crush the shells with its beak, creating sizes that are best for it.

For added safety, make sure that the eggs are washed thoroughly before serving. If the eggs are cooked make sure that they are cooled before giving them to birds. For the bird’s health, make sure that there is no seasoning on the eggs.  Seasoning can cause complications to their digestive systems

Other protein-rich foods for birds

There are other sources of food other than eggs that offer great protein for birds. These include plant-based food like as beans, legumes, tofu, whole-grain bread, low or non-fat cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, yoghurt, and moderate amounts of peanut butter.

Animal-based proteins include mealworms, lizards, insects, bugs, snakes, fish, and cooked lean meats. Larger birds like hawks, kestrels, eagles, and owls require much more protein. For this reason, they prey on chickens, young reptiles, snakes, fishes, racoons, possums, and other available catch

When caring for birds, you should remember to remove any food (especially perishables and meats) that have spoilt. Spoiled and rotting foods attract bacteria and parasites such as salmonella which can lead to death. Foods left out can also attract other animals which may decide to add your bird to the menu for that day.

Birds eat a variety of foods. Here are some articles looking at if birds eat quinoa, watermelon, pineapple, cheese, cucumber and celery. Click the links to read more


Birds are marvellous creatures capable of surviving off the land. They are opportunistic omnivores and thus they eat both plants and animal matter.

They have high metabolism rates thus they need to eat high caloric diets rich in protein. Yes, plants do offer good amounts of protein but animal protein is richer. Eggs are a great source of animal protein and eggshells are beneficial too.

Can birds eat eggs? Do they like them?
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