Can Possums Eat Cat Food? Benefits, Risks, Dry Vs Wet Cat Food

If there are possums living in your area you likely already know that they will try to eat almost any food that they can get their hands on. These animals are scavenging animals, they will eat whatever food is available.

If you’re taking care of a possum and wondering if you can feed them cat food, or if you’re wanting to know if possums will eat up your cat’s food, then this article is for you. 

Possums can eat cat food but this should not be given as a staple food to these animals. Too much cat food can cause obesity and malnutrition in possums. 

Can possums eat cat food?

There is almost no limit as to what a possum will eat, these animals eat both plant and animal matter in the wild and in urban environments. They will even go as far as eating food from the trash if they have to.

And yes, possums can and do eat cat food 

Benefits of cat food for possums 


Cat food is generally very nutrient-dense, this food is meant to be fed to cats long term and thus it contains the right nutrients in the right quantities to help cats grow well.

This is beneficial for possums too, the marsupial will benefit from these nutrients if they eat this food.

Cat food is a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins (including folic acid, thiamin, vitamin a, vitamin k, riboflavin, biotin, vitamin b12, niacin), as well as minerals (including selenium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, copper) 

Easy to find: 

Looking for food in urban environments is very difficult for possums, that is, unless cat food is left outside.

Many people tend to leave cat food outside for their pets to eat. If your cats don’t eat all their food, and if this food is left out overnight, then possums will find their way into your garden and eat the food.

Finding cat food in urban areas isn’t difficult for possums because they have a keen sense of smell. 

Risks of possums eating cat food 

Lack of calcium: 

A little-known fact about possums is that they need very high amounts of calcium in their bodies in order to stay healthy. Possums in the wild get this added calcium from eating the skeletal remains of roadkill animals.

Too much calcium can be bad for cats, in fact, calcium in excess can have a negative effect on your cat’s bones. Because of this, there likely isn’t enough calcium in cat food for possums, especially if the marsupial is fed cat food long-term.

A lack of calcium can cause possums to develop metabolic bone disease and this can cripple their bones and teeth 


Possums eat a variety of foods in the wild, they also move around a lot while looking for said food. The combination of a varied diet and exercise helps keep them in good shape.

High-quality cat food contains 20-40 percent fat. If a possum eats this cat food for an extended period of time it will soon become obese. 

Obesity is not good for humans or possums. Obesity can cause these animals to develop debilitating conditions


Can a baby possum eat cat food? 

Baby possums cannot eat cat food. These babies are kept in their mother’s pouch after being born. Babies are the size of a honey bee when they’re young and will stay in the pouch, being fed by the mother, until they are old enough to leave the pouch.

They can only start to leave the mother’s pouch when they’re around 80 days old. These animals can eat solid foods, like cat food, after this time. 

Can possums eat wet cat food? 

Possums do eat wet cat food if given the chance, in fact, they will be able to smell this cat food better because it is wet.

The high moisture content in the wet cat food causes the moisture to evaporate and distribute the cat food molecules in the air and release a stronger smell 

Can possums eat dry cat food? 

Yes, possums do eat dry cat food. Dry cat food won’t release a very strong smell, but it can still be smelt by possums as they have a strong sense of smell. 

Will possums eat cats?  

Possums don’t eat cats, the two will only get into a fight if one threatens the other. 

However, possums may try to hunt and kill a kitten. Kittens are smaller and weaker animals than possums. They also have less ability to defend themselves, this makes them an easy target for possums. 

Domesticated possums will have access to foods from humans but wild possums will not, if a wild possum is hungry enough it may try to attack and kill a kitten 

This article explores the topic of possums eating kittens in more detail. This article looks into possums attacking cats

How to keep possums away from cat food: 

Keeping cat food inside:

Cat food, if kept outside overnight, can attract a variety of wild animals, possums included. These animals are nocturnal and will be out on the hunt for food when you and your cat are sleeping.

Keep them away from your property by bringing cat food inside at night. 

Keep cat food far from possums 

Cats can climb up and down almost anything, possums aren’t as agile as cats. Keeping cat food in places where possums can’t reach will keep them from accessing cat food while still allowing cats to reach it. 

Stay with your cat while it eats 

You being around your cat while it’s eating will keep the possums away.

Possums have usually hidden away during the day (read more here) but they may come out during the day to look for food. If they do, they may try to eat alongside your cat. You being there will keep the possums away 


In conclusion, yes possums do eat cat food. Cat food is beneficial to possums as it contains nutrients and is easy to access, unfortunately, it can be too low in calcium and be fattening to possums. 

Keep possums away from cat food by bringing it in at night, watching your cat as it eats, and hiding the food where possums can’t reach 

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Can Possums Eat Cat Food? Benefits, Risks, Dry Vs Wet Cat Food
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