Can Skunks Climb Walls? (Brick Walls Vs Cinder Block Walls)

Many animals can climb, raccoons use their strong claws to dig into walls to climb and squirrels do too. Skunks are just as curious as these two animals, they also love to explore their environment. So, can skunks climb walls? This article looks into it 

Skunks can climb short walls but they cannot climb taller walls. Their short heavy bodies cannot be held up by their claws when climbing 

Can skunks climb walls?

The ability to climb has a lot to do with the ability to grip well enough onto a wall to hold your body weight as you climb, as well as having a low enough body weight.

Squirrels and raccoons have no problem doing this, but the common striped skunk cannot. Striped skunks may have claws but these are not strong enough to secure and hold this animals’ stocky and heavy body as it climbs.

Striped skunks cannot balance and climb as other animals can. Their bodies are also too heavy for their claws to support their weight as they climb

The only skunks that are able to climb walls are the spotted skunk which is more lightweight and small. 

Can squirrels climb brick walls? 

Brick walls have gaps in between bricks but this will not help striped skunks climb them, these animals can only climb brick walls at high as they are tall.

If the animal can find a wall of this length, then the animal will hoist itself up using its upper body strength, but it cannot climb a long brick wall. 

Spotted skunks will have a better time climbing up brick walls. Because these animals are smaller and lighter, they can climb up a smooth area like a brick wall. The pads of their feet help them grip onto the bricks and climb 

Can skunks climb cinder block walls? 

Cinder block walls have no gaps between the bricks, they are flatter than a brick wall. Animals like raccoons and squirrels are able to dig into these bricks using their claws and climb, but striped skunks cannot. 

Spotted skunks, on the other hand, are able to climb cinder block walls no problem, the pads at the ends of their feet are very helpful to them as they enable the skunks to climb up smooth surfaces like cinder block walls.

Can skunks climb a chain-link fence? 

All skunks have an easier time climbing up wire fences like chain link fences, these are not smooth surfaces like brick or cinder block walls, fences have gaps in them

Skunks secure their hands in chain link fence gaps as they climb. If they put in enough effort, these animals can climb up very high if they want to. This is a lot of work but they will if they absolutely have to.  

However, these animals would rather dig under a fence to get to where they want to be. They are quite good at digging, their bodies are designed to dig rather than to climb.

Skunks have claws that allow them to dig into and push soil away very easily. If you have skunks in your area it may be necessary to create fences that are bent into an L shape at the bottom to keep skunks from digging under 

Can skunks jump? 

A skunk’s strong hind legs may not be all that helpful in helping skunks climb but they are very helpful in helping the skunk jump. If these animals need to, they will jump up to get to where they want to be. They can jump up 3 feet into the air. 

If these animals are not able to climb up your walls, or dig under your walls, then they will certainly try to jump up the wall to get to where they need to be. They can also jump onto your shelves, onto your deck, and onto any other structure. 


In conclusion, no, skunks are not able to climb walls. Brick walls and cinder walls are too smooth for these animals to climb up, their claws are not able to support their short, stocky, and heavy bodies.

However, if a skunk wants to access your property it can climb up your chain link fence, it can dig under your fence and it can jump up to 3 feet to get into your property. 

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Can Skunks Climb Walls? (Brick Walls Vs Cinder Block Walls)
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