Can squirrels eat grapes? Are grapes squirrel food?

Grapes are delicious, many humans and animals love them. So do squirrels eat grapes?

Squirrels do eat grapes, in fact, squirrels love grapes. These mammals go crazy for these bite-sized sweet treats. Unfortunately, grapes aren’t good for squirrels. Grapes contain high levels of sugar which can be damaging to the squirrel’s health. Many fruits contain too much sugar and shouldn’t be given to squirrels too often.

Squirrels can eat both plant and animal matter, they are omnivores. It doesn’t end there though. These furry little creatures will also eat some of the foods humans enjoy as well.

Squirrels feed on smaller animals when food is scarce but these bushy-tailed creatures are naturally more drawn to nuts, seeds, vegetables, berries, and fruits.

Since squirrels are fruit-eating animals, it becomes important for us to always include fruits in their diet. One fruit squirrels, in general, seem to love are grapes.

Squirrels find grapes so incredibly tasty they will eat them whenever they can. If you have a grapevine, trust that squirrels will be there at every hour of the day snacking on your grapes. Keeping them out of a grapevine can be difficult.

Can squirrels eat grapes?

Benefits grapes offer to squirrels

Grapes are rich in essential nutrients: Squirrels need a lot of nutrients in their diet. Grapes happen to be one of the fruits rich in essential nutrients. They contain protein, fibre, fat, carbs, calories, and lots of vitamins.

Grapes are rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are essential for the survival of squirrels and other animals. The high antioxidant content in grapes makes them perfect for protecting a squirrel’s body from harm caused by free radicals.

Grapes strengthen their bones: A squirrel is hardly ever idle. It is either seen climbing trees, jumping from tree to tree, or leaping from great heights. All these activities require having strong bones. Grapes are great as they contain a high amount of minerals that help improve bone health in squirrels.

Grapes boost the immune system: Squirrels eat a lot of things, and some of the things that they ingest are harmful to their health. A squirrel with a weak immune system won’t be able to fight off bacterial and viral infections that may come from ingesting something bad or contracting a disease. Grapes can help with this, they contain numerous compounds that help boost the immune system.

Grapes increase their energy levels: Another amazing benefit of eating grapes for squirrels is that it provides them with lots of energy. This energy helps to keep them moving about and foraging for their favorite food. Grapes contain natural sugar and are a good source of energy.

Grapes have incredible benefits for squirrels, but studies have also shown that they can be harmful.

Can squirrels eat grapes?

According to experts, squirrels shouldn’t be fed foods that contain a lot of sugar. Grapes are such foods high in sugar. They can be fed to squirrels but should be fed to squirrels in small quantities.

Squirrels can get seriously ill from eating a lot of grapes much like when humans eat sugary foods and get diabetes.

So, as much as your pet squirrel enjoys eating grapes, it would be in its best interest that you feed it only a few.

Feeding fruits to squirrels

Fruits, nuts, and seeds make up a huge part of a squirrel’s diet. These creatures are built with sharp claws. They use these claws to climb tall fruit trees to reach fruits.

Apart from grapes, squirrels consume a good number of other fruits including apples, pears, mangoes, plum, avocados, peaches, kiwi, nectarine, watermelon, and citrus fruits.

Every fruit a squirrel consumes offers plenty of essential nutrients to the mammal. Fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals which keep squirrels strong and healthy. They also help in boosting the immune system of these mammals.

But, just like grapes, no fruit should be fed to squirrels in excess. Fruits contain a high level of sugar much like candy, cookies, banana chips and chocolate.

If you have to feed squirrels a particular fruit, give them only two slices of said fruit – this way, they don’t get to overfeed on the fruit.

While drinking fruit juice is good for humans, it may be harmful to squirrels. Fruit juices should be avoided. The best drink you can give the squirrel(s) you care about is clean water.

What else do squirrels eat?

Nuts: Squirrels are big fans of nuts and can eat them all day if given the chance. Nuts are an excellent source protein, healthy fat, carbs, fibre, vitamins, and minerals for the mammals.

Vegetables: Vegetables shouldn’t be lacking in a squirrel’s diet. This plant-based food is an excellent source of nutrition for squirrels and offers them lots of vitamins and minerals.

Seeds: The sunflower seed is one of a squirrel’s favourite meals. Seeds are good sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals for squirrels.

Insects: An insect may not be a squirrel’s favourite meal, but when fruits, nuts, and vegetables aren’t readily available it will eat insects. Insects aren’t that bad a meal, they contain far more protein than plant-based foods.

Eggs: Eggs are also part of a squirrel’s natural diet. If hungry, a squirrel wouldn’t mind sneaking into a bird’s nest to steal eggs and feed on nestlings.


Grapes are one of the many fruits that grow in squirrel’s natural habitat. This fruit isn’t just tasty; it offers your squirrel buddy lots of nutritional value. But you shouldn’t feed your pet squirrel with too many grapes as it could harm the mammal.

Feeding your squirrel too many grapes is similar to feeding it candy, banana chips, chocolate, and cookies – are very unhealthy to the mammals. It’s always best to give squirrels a little bit of everything. Two slices of grapes are the recommended quantity to feed your pet squirrel.

Other foods that squirrels eat include mushrooms, eggs, walnuts, rats, insects, peanuts, chocolate and almonds. Click the links to read more.

Can squirrels eat grapes? Are grapes squirrel food?
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