Do raccoons eat groundhogs?

Wild animal sightings have become very common in suburban areas, depending on where you live, seeing wild animals out and about can be a regular occurrence. There are a variety of common backyard critters that live among us, these animals can become real nuisances to people. Thankfully, some backyard critters prey on others. So, do […]

Do raccoons eat grasshoppers?

All animals and insects have a place on the food chain. Regardless of what the animal or insect is, there is always another that is bigger, stronger, and faster that will prey on it, with the exception of apex predators. Smaller insects are especially vulnerable to attacks from other animals. So how about grasshoppers? Do […]

Do raccoons eat geese?

Geese live among one another just fine, there may be a pecking order among them, but they usually live in harmony. These animals don’t have the best reputation, they are known to be quite mean and can do some damage if they attack you. But in the wild, there is always a bigger and meaner […]

Do raccoons eat geraniums?

Growing flowers in your garden is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, all your hard work can be wiped out by wild animals. A variety of mammals love to visit your garden and feast on the flowers, leaves, shrubs, and trees in your garden. If you’re growing geraniums, animals will feed on them as well. […]

Do raccoons eat jalapeños?

Raccoons are able to adjust to living in a variety of environments and eat a variety of foods. This adaptability has served them well, they are able to survive almost anywhere and eat almost anything which means they will likely never go hungry. So how about eating hot foods like jalapeños, do raccoons eat jalapeños? […]

Do raccoons eat hummingbird food?

Raccoons steal the food of other animals. If you’re feeding birds in your backyard, are growing crops, or have pets, you’ll quickly realize that raccoons will sneak into your garden at night to eat bird seeds, feed on your crops, or eat pet food. These animals will eat whatever’s available. So how about hummingbird food? […]

Do raccoons eat humans?

There are mixed feelings around raccoons, some people see raccoons as cute, furry creatures that can be taken as pets, others see raccoons as dirty nuisances that rummage through your garbage and make a mess wherever they go. These animals will get very creative when looking for food and can become very desperate as well. […]

Do raccoons eat chicken heads?

Many animals will not pass up the opportunity to attack, kill and eat a chicken. If you’re a poultry farmer you likely know how attractive these animals are to wild animals looking for a meal. If you notice that your chickens are being attacked and that the animal attacking it is only eating the chicken’s […]

Do raccoons eat lemons?

Growing fruits and vegetables in your garden can be a very rewarding experience, that is, unless your local wildlife critters decide to sneak in and take the crops for themselves. If you’re growing a lemon tree in your backyard and notice lemons disappearing, you may be wondering if raccoons are to blame. This article explores […]

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