Do raccoons eat nyjer seed?

Nyjer seeds are sometimes fed to backyard birds. This small black seed is both delicious and nutritious to a variety of birds. However, this seed can be quite an expensive seed to feed birds, it’s understandable why you’d want the seeds to go to birds and not other wild animals. But do other wild animals […]

Do raccoons eat thistle seeds?

When food is scarce, especially during the winter months, animals get creative about how to survive. Raccoons can become a major problem during this time, they sneak into your yard, raid trashcans, gardens, as well as backyard feeders filled with seeds. So, do raccoons eat thistle seeds? This article looks into it. Raccoons do eat […]

Do raccoons eat safflower seeds?

Safflower plants are enjoyed by a wide variety of organisms, humans eat safflower plants and seeds, animals eat these plants’ seeds as well. Humans grow this plant in order to harvest the oil in the seeds and for the seeds themselves. So how about raccoons? Do raccoons eat safflower seeds? This article looks into it.  […]

Do raccoons eat duck eggs?

Ducks are quite low on the food chain, these animals are eaten by many predators, their eggs are eaten by predators too. Raising ducks can be difficult as you have to keep them protected from a number of egg-eating animals. If there are raccoons in the area are you may be wondering whether they will […]

Do raccoons eat ducks?

Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, they will eat almost anything put in front of them, they are also intelligent, curious, and are willing to do almost anything to get a meal. If you are raising ducks you may be concerned about their safety if raccoons live in the area, but do raccoons eat ducks? This article […]

Do raccoons eat dog poop?

Dogs will poop anywhere and everywhere, cleaning after your dog can be a job in itself, the poop can also be quite irritating for the people who step in it. You as a pet owner are ultimately responsible for your dog’s poop, whether they poop in and around your home or whether they poop while […]

Do raccoons eat deer?

When food is scarce, raccoons will prey on other animals, raccoons will even go as far as preying on animals like cats and dogs if they can find and kill them. Larger cats and dogs may give the raccoon a bit of trouble but raccoons will eat smaller cat and dog varieties. Raccoons are also […]

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