Chicken Vomiting Yellow Liquid, (Why + What To Do)

Raising chickens is not easy, having to keep an eye on the health and well-being of these animals is a full time job. Chickens are known to suffer from a variety of diseases and health conditions. It is important that you stay on top of the birds health to give your animal a fighting chance. If your chicken is showing signs of being ill, like throwing up yellow liquid. Then worrying about the bird is expected, this article explores what to do if your chicken is throwing up yellow liquid 

Chickens vomiting yellow liquid can mean that there is a presence of spiral bacteria in its body, it can also mean that the bird is being made sick by regular bacteria, macrorgabdus or parasites. The only way to truly know why your bird is sick is by having it checked at an avian experienced vet 

Chicken vomiting yellow liquid, what to do

Unlike humans, chickens cannot vomit. They can expel materials from their crop, proventriculus or gizzard but not vomit. Just as with humans, a bird vomiting is usually a bad sign. If your bird is throwing up a clear liquid then you likely have nothing to worry about but if the animal is throwing up yellow liquid then you should be worried 

If your bird is vomiting yellow liquid then it likely has fluid stuck in its respiratory system, it may also have spiral bacteria, regular bacteria, macrorgabdus or parasites in its body. A vet can check for these by testing the bird. If you notice that your chicken is throwing up yellow, then you’d need to get the bird to an avian experienced vet as soon as possible. Vets recommend against giving animals store-bought medications and remedies so avoid doing this. The best way to treat your bird is to take it to the vet. 

When taking your bird to a vet it is important that you transport the bird correctly. If you can, transport the bird in an aquarium. A carrier or a box with soft towels on the bottom will work too. When transporting the bird, make sure that you have food and water available to the bird and make the food and water easy to reach. If you can, put a heating pad under the container for the duration of your journey. Also, lay white towels or white paper towels on the bottom of the container to catch droppings, show these to your vet 


In conclusion, the bird throwing up yellow liquid can mean that the bird has spiral bacteria, regular bacteria, macrorgabdus or parasites in its body. The only sure-fire way to know what your bird is suffering from is to take the animal to a vet to have it assessed. This vet visit needs to happen as quickly as possible and the bird needs to be transported correctly.

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Chicken Vomiting Yellow Liquid, (Why + What To Do)
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