How to relocate a birds nest with babies

Birds and humans have been living together for a long time and they multiply like crazy. Just like any type of baby, baby birds need to be taken care of and doted on by the parents. All his happens in the nest and the nest is very important for the growth of the family. But what if the bird’s nest is in an inconvenient place? This article looks at how to relocate a birds nest with babies

In the united states, you cannot relocate a birds nest with babies. It is illegal to move a birds nest with babies because birds are protected. This protection extends to active bird nests which include bird nests with babies

How to relocate a birds nest with babies

Sometimes birds build their nests in the weirdest of places. If you’ve noticed a bird’s nest on your property, and wish to relocate it, you should first check to see if there are babies in the nest. If there are, it’s best to leave the nest alone until the chicks have all gone.

In some countries, like the United States, relocating a bird’s nest is illegal and can attract hefty fines on your part, which is why you shouldn’t just go about moving any nest you find. The migratory bird treaty act of 1918 was designed to protect over 800 birds and this extends to protecting the nests that birds live in.

It is illegal to move a nest that is active. An active nest is a nest that has eggs, has babies or a nest where the female is sitting in the nest. That being said, if a bird builds its nest in a very dangerous place, relocating the nest might be necessary.

But it would be best if you did the relocation after the nesting season has come to an end. If you need to remove a birds nest with babies it would be best to contact professional wildlife control to remove the nest.

Can birds find their nest if moved?

When you move or disturb a bird’s nest, there’s the likelihood that the mother bird will abandon the nest. The place where a bird builds its nest might sometimes appear unsafe to you, but to the bird, it’s the safest place it can find.

In many cases, after you move a bird’s nest, the parent birds might not be able to find the nest again. Birds get used to the surroundings where they built their nest, and so when you move it to a new location, the bird no longer sees the nest as its own – for this reason, experts strongly advise against relocating nests when there are eggs or chicks in it.

When can you move a birds nest?

If you’ve noticed that a bird has built its nest in a potentially dangerous location, it might be a good idea to move the nest. However, you should wait till the end of the nesting season before doing the relocation.

It’s ok to move an empty bird’s nest to a safer location if it is:

  • Close to a door or busy walkway
  • Inside an active chimney
  • On a car tire or bumper
  • On a lawnmower or grill
  • Inside a drainage pipe or gutter
  • On a playground equipment
  • Inside a warehouse
  • Around an active construction area

Can I remove an empty bird’s nest?

A bird’s nest might be empty when you find it, but that’s not to say a bird isn’t making use of it. According to experts, the only time it’s alright to remove a bird’s nest is when you are 100% certain that the nesting season is over and the birds living in the nest have moved on.

There are no laws that prohibit the removal of empty bird nests, so you can go ahead to take out all abandoned nests you find on your property.

Is it good luck to have a birds nest?

In many cultures finding a bird’s nest on your property or in your house is a sign of good luck. The bird’s nest, they say, represents all the love, warmth, commitment, and stability required to build a home.


In conclusion, you cannot move a birds nest because birds, and thus their nests, are protected by the law. Rather move these nests after the birds have relocated from the nest. If you do move an active bird’s nest the birds may not be able to find it.

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How to relocate a birds nest with babies
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