How To Tell If A Pet Rat Likes You, (13 Signs To Look For)

Raising rats can be a fun experience, these animals are cute, cuddly, intelligent, and very active, but how do you know they enjoy being in your care? And how do you know that they actually like you? This article explores the question of: how to tell if a pet rat likes you

The overarching sign that a rat likes you is if it wants to spend time with you, this is shows that it does not see you as a threat and actually sees you as someone that it likes being around

How to tell if a pet rat likes you, 13 signs to look out for 

Eating around you: If a rat likes you, it will be comfortable enough to walk up to you and eat food and treats right out of your hand. It will also eat food close to you

Being comfortable around you: Some rats can be quite timid, if your rat is quite timid then something as simple as being around you, watching you, and not running away if you’re in the area, is a sign that it likes you and doesn’t see you as a threat

Gravitating towards you: If you walk into the room, and speak to your rat while it is in its cage, and it walks over to see you, then the animal likely likes you and likes having you around

Climbing on you: You’ll know that a rat likes you if it climbs onto your shoulder and touches its nose against your nose. It may even sniff around and inside your nose and try to nibble your ear lobe now and then.

Licking you: Licking you is also another sign that the rat likes you, rats licking their owners is common

Cuddling you: These animals love to cuddle, if they come over to cuddle with you, and settle into your jersey or your pockets, this shows that they like you. They may also relax or even sleep in those areas if they’re really comfortable with you

Bruxing or boggling: Bruxing or boggling is a sign of happiness in rats. When they do this, their eyes become bigger and will vibrate in and out of their eye sockets, it may look bizarre but don’t worry, this is not a bad sign in fact its a sign that it loves you

Pink ears: If the rat likes you, its ears will turn pink. The rat’s ears turn pink because more blood rushes to their ears when they show affection. The ears turn from being a lighter pale color to a darker pinky color

Check-ups: If the animal likes you, it may come and check on you while it’s playing with other rats. This will be a quick check-in, they will then run off to go back to playing after they’ve made sure you’re okay

Following you: The rat will follow you around if it likes you, not only does this show that it is not scared of you, and that it does not see you as a threat, but it also shows that it wants to be everywhere you go

Scent marking: Scent marking is another way that rats communicate that they like you. They will scent mark on you to signal to other rats that you belong to them.

Waiting on you: If you come home from a long day at work and the rat is patiently waiting for you in front of its cage then you know that it likes you. It’s paws may even be wrapped around the cage bars, if it does this, then you’ll definitely know that the little animal likes you.

Leaving comfort for you: Your little pet may even come out of its comfy spaces, like its igloos and hammocks, to greet you. It may also gnaw on the bars as though it wants to play outside with you.

How do you know if a rat doesn’t like you? 

If a rat does not like you, it will keep away from you at all costs, rats do this as a method of survival.

Humans are huge to rats, these animals know that they may get eaten on purpose by us, or they may get squashed on purpose or on accident by us.

If it doesn’t like you it will keep away from you even if you are being friendly towards it

How to get a rat to like you: 

Quality time: Quality time will get your rat to like you. Spending quality time with another person is a bonding experience for the two of you, rats also like to spend time with humans, they become bonded to you as they spend time with you

Affection: Be affectionate towards your rat, do this by giving it lots of kisses and talking to it in a loving manner, you can even sing to it. They understand affection more than we know

Games: If you already have a set of games that you play with your rat, try and find new ways and new games to play with it. This will also stimulate the rat’s mind.

Hamster wheel: Having a wheel in the rat’s cage will serve as a form of entertainment and a form of exercise, even when you’re not around. You can also use a maze as an alternate way to entertain the animal

Let it roam: Once in a while, you can let the rat out and let it wander around your house. If you choose to do this, make sure that you keep the roaming area closed off from the rest of your house.

A clean cage: Ensure that the rat’s cage is cleaned as often as you can, these animals are seen as filthy to some but all animals prefer a clean environment to an unclean and trash-filled environment

Decorations: In addition to keeping the cage clean, make sure that it is well decorated with lots of games that the animal can play with. This prevents the animal from becoming bored in the cage, especially when you’re not around

Healthy food: Feeding your rat a healthy diet will not only keep the animal healthy but it will also make the animal like you. A healthy diet keeps the rat from feeling sluggish

Socializing: If you and your rat are currently living alone, you can invite your friends over to meet it. Rats enjoy meeting new people and socializing, you can also introduce another rat into your home. Rats are social, they do well living with at least one other rat.


In conclusion, the best way to know if your rat likes you is to assess whether it likes spending time with you and if it is comfortable around you.

These animals are timid and can be threatened by you because of your large size, they know that you can easily crush or eat them so if it feels comfortable enough to be around you this shows that it likes you.

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How To Tell If A Pet Rat Likes You, (13 Signs To Look For)
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