My Turtle Egg Has A Dent In It (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Finding any abnormalities in your turtle eggs can be quite nerve-wracking, a dent in your turtle’s shell is an abnormality that you may be worried about. 

 This article is a look into why your turtle egg may have a dent in it

My turtle egg has a dent in it:

Seeing a dent in your turtle’s egg may be nerve-wracking, you may start to wonder if the egg is still healthy and if it will still hatch.

Here is what you need to know if your turtle egg has a dent in it:

Close to hatch:

One reason why your turtle eggs may have a dent in them may be because the eggs are close to hatching 

What to do:

This is normal and isn’t something to worry about, as long as the eggs have been incubated in an environment with the correct humidity and temperature then the eggs will be fine. 

You would have to worry however if the eggs are badly caved in, hard, dry, and light in weight, also, worry if the eggs give off a bad smell or the color is off.

Eggs that are bad or even dead will smell bad and change color. 

Too dry:

Another reason why there may be a dent in your turtle’s egg may be that the eggs are too dry because the humidity in the environment is not high enough. 

What to do:

Upping the moisture in and around the eggs should help prevent more diets from forming on the egg and upping the moisture should also keep the current dent from getting bigger. 

You can increase the moisture and humidity by sprinkling some water onto the dented eggs daily to remedy the dent.

You can also put the dented eggs on a wet paper towel, the eggs will absorb the moisture of the paper towel and this should help remedy the dent. 

You may even want to change the medium you’re using in your pet’s tank. Using something that maintains humidity throughout the length of incubation, should help. Lugartis premium reptile medium is usually good for this.

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My Turtle Egg Has A Dent In It (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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