Tortoise Head Twitching (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Tortoises are one of the more popular types of pet when it comes to animal enthusiasts, while they do need more care and attention they are more relaxed animals than most

However, they can sometimes do things that seem odd and that need to be addressed. If your tortoise’s head is twitching then you’d be right to be confused.

This article looks into why your tortoise head may be twitching 

Tortoise head twitching:

Your pet tortoise may exhibit odd behaviors because of a variety of things and it’s good to figure out why your pet does things to know if you should get your pet medical help or not 

Here is why your tortoise’s head may be twitching:

It is being held upside down:

If your tortoise twitches its head when you’re holding it in an odd way, if it is held upside down then the reason for the twitch may simply be that the animal doesn’t want to be held that way. 

In this case, the animal’s whole body may twitch, this may look like a seizure, and the animal’s head may also move from side to side. 

Holding your pet in this way is odd and uncomfortable for the animal so it may react badly like twitching in this way.

Being flipped over causes stress and anxiety in your pet causing it to twitch in this way.

What to do: 

Flip the animal over to how it normally is and see what happens.

If the tortoise stops twitching its head and goes back to normal then your pet will likely just not a fan of being held this way and go back to normal once it feels comfortable 

It thinks it’s catching a fish: 

If your pet tortoise twitches its head while sleeping the animal may think that it is catching fish and sleeping. These animals, sleep, dream and they dream a variety of things including dreaming that they are catching fish.

What to do:

Dreaming of catching fish isn’t dangerous for the fish and isn’t out of the ordinary either, it’s simply something that these animals do on occasion 

As long as the animal isn’t showing signs of stress while doing this then the animal is probably fine. As long as your pet stops twitching and doesn’t show any signs of illness or distress then your pet is fine, just keep an eye on him

If your pet does show signs of distress or illness then go ahead and take the animal to the vet for an examination and treatment

Normal breathing: 

Another reason why you may be seeing this in your pet tortoise may simply be that the animal is breathing.

Tortoises move their heads, their shells, or their whole body when breathing, this is clearer to see in young tortoises but can be seen in tortoises of any age

What to do:

This is quite common and normal for tortoises, it is nothing to worry about.

You should only start to worry if your pet starts to display signs of being ill or distressed like a droopy head or limbs, lethargy, runny eyes or nose, respiratory issues, gaping mouth, vomiting, or weight loss  

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Tortoise Head Twitching (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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