Vetrx For Scaly Leg Mites (A Quick Guide)

Chickens can develop a variety of different ailments and conditions. Some of these ailments and conditions need to be treated with medications prescribed by a vet and some can be treated at home with items from the store.

If your bird has scaly leg mites you may be wondering whether vetrx can treat this condition, this article looks into it. 

Vetrx for scaly leg mites:

A scaly leg mite infection is a common parasitic infection that chickens can suffer from. This infection can develop in poultry and other birds like finches, budgies, and canaries. Thankfully, vetrx can be used to treat this condition. 

In theory, you can use any oily substance to smother and kill your bird’s scaly leg mites. You can use Vaseline, gasoline, and even vetrx.

Vetrx is usually used by poultry raisers as a natural remedy to treat respiratory illnesses, colds, and eye worms but it can also be used to treat scaly leg mites. 

This oil is made up of a variety of ingredients including rosemary oil, camphor oil, and Canada balsam to name a few, blended in an oil base.

This oily substance will suffocate the scaly leg mites, kill them and thus get them to stop digging at and eating at your bird’s legs.


How to use: 

You can use the vetrx directly on your bird’s legs or you can alternatively mix the vetrx oil with an oil, like coconut oil, to create a solution to apply to the bird’s legs.

Make sure that the Vetrx/Vetrx and oil solution is warm before you apply it to the bird’s legs.

Mix the vetrx and coconut oil, pour it into a bottle, and place the bottle in a cup of warm water for about 5 minutes to warm up. Apply it liberally onto your bird’s legs while the oil is still warm.

Test the temperature of the oil mixture before applying it to the bird making sure that it isn’t too hot or too cold.

Apply this mixture daily to your chicken’s legs for just under 2 weeks, this is about how long it will take for the scaly leg mites to disappear.

If you can’t apply the product to your bird’s legs daily you can apply the mixture every 3 days at a minimum to get rid of the scaly leg mites. 

Spraying some Manna pro poultry protector on the bird’s legs, before applying the oil and vetrx solution, will help. The Manna pro poultry protector will help to boost the effectiveness of the oil mixture.

Manna pro poultry protector is a natural anti-parasite spray that can be used against scaly leg mites on your chickens. It can also be used to treat other parasites like lice, fleas, and ticks.


Scaly leg mites are highly contagious, if you notice that one of your birds has scaly leg mites you’d need to isolate the bird that is showing symptoms as soon as you can, this will help keep other birds from developing this condition 

You’d also need to clean and disinfect your coop to keep the mites from infecting other birds. Disinfectants can be purchased online or in-store. 

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Vetrx For Scaly Leg Mites (A Quick Guide)
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