What Do Chickens Do When They Are Scared? (4 Tell-Tale Signs)

Happy chickens are fun to have around, these animals, when in a good mood, like to scratch around in the grass, lay in the sun, take dust baths, play with each other, and forage for food. We know that chickens display this behavior when they are happy, but what behavior do they display when they’re scared? What do chickens do when they’re scared? This article looks into it

There are many signs that indicate that a chicken is scared, if the bird is scared, it will start making squawking noises, start to become anxious and move around and it will also try to run away from the predator or human that it is scared of, it may even hide away if it is scared

What do chickens do when they are scared? An ultimate guide

If you pay close attention to the chickens you’ll realize that these animals have a number of emotions, one of them being scared. It is quite easy to figure out if a chicken is scared, signs of the bird being scared include:

Running away:

When chickens are scared they will try to keep away from whatever predator or human is scaring them. These birds know that they are small and can’t defend themselves well, because of this, they get scared easily.

If you noticed that your chicken is running away from you, then it is likely scared of you or scared of something in the area.

Moving hysterically:

If the chicken is scared it will get anxious and start moving wildly if something or someone manages to catch and hold them. Chickens move hysterically in an effort to escape a predator or human

Hiding away:

Scared chickens may also go into hiding when they feel threatened. If you find that a chicken is hiding underneath or behind something, then it is likely to try to keep away from a perceived threat.

This can be a bad thing because the bird can hide away until it starves or dies of thirst, the bird will not come out of hiding during this time even if it begins to starve

Squawk bomb:

Another way that birds can express that it is scared is if it makes an alarming noise called a “squawk bomb”, the bird will cluck and squawk as though it is going crazy.

This not only shows that it is scared, but it is also an alarm call warning other birds that there is a predator in the area or that something is wrong

Are chickens scared of the dark? 

Chickens are scared of the dark, sort of. Chickens have very poor night vision, this is the case for a number of diurnal animals.

Chicken predators, on the other hand, have very good night vision. You would think that chickens would be scared of the dark for fear of being attacked but this is not the case, they know how to keep away from predators.

These animals are more scared of the dark because it looks like a dark, black hole.

Why does my chicken run away from me? 

If chickens are not used to you, are newly hatched, or are simply not used to being around humans in general then they will be more reserved and scared around you to a point where they will run away when you are around.

They see you as a predator because of how much larger you are than them.

Also, these animals are overall very skittish, they don’t like to be touched, pet, or held. Thus they will try to run away and keep away from anything that approaches them 

If you make sudden movements, are too loud, or run after the bird then they will run away. They see you as a predator and they think that they may die if they do not run away.

Also, the bird may have had a bad experience in the past that may have caused them to act like this

How to train a chicken not to run away from you:

Training a chicken not to run away involves training it to be comfortable around you.

Feed them well: You need to get them used to you by feeding them adequately as well as feeding them on a regular basis. You also need to be calm around them at all times, do so they don’t see you as a threat thus, any time you see them they will not run away from you

Feed them treats: Another way to get chickens to stop running away from you is to regularly offer them treats, these animals enjoy food and will warm up to whoever is offering them a tasty snack. Feeding them treats will get them to love you and see you as non-threatening.

Sit with them: Doing something as simple as sitting with the bird can also help them get used to you. Do this without touching the bird, simply sit still among them regularly, they will eventually realize that you’re not a threat and will be more comfortable around you overall


In conclusion, when chickens are scared, they will try and get away from the threat and try and warn others of the human or predator.

This involves hiding away for long periods of time, making squawk noises to warn others to keep away from the predator, running away from the human or predator, as well as getting anxious and moving around when you catch it

Chickens are not necessarily scared of the dark but they’re scared because it looks like a dark, black hole

Reasons, why your chickens are running away from you, can be because you’re making sudden movements, you are too loud, because the birds are newborn and aren’t used to being around humans, because the bird is overall very reserved and because you are chasing them

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What Do Chickens Do When They Are Scared? (4 Tell-Tale Signs)
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