Why do mice squeak? and what to do about it.

I used to often repeat the saying “be as quiet as a mouse” when I wanted silence. I said this probably because I hadn’t ever thought about how loud mice could actually be. I’ve realized that mice can be very noisy. They might not be big enough to stomp around and shout but you can definitely hear the high pitched squeaks and scurrying around your property.   

It’s better to figure out what’s causing the squeaking noises and get rid of mice or rats in your house sooner rather than later as they can be detrimental to you if not addressed. If mice enter your house and cause an infestation they can bring along a variety of diseases. These can include E Coli and salmonella to name a few. The faeces are also particularly dangerous if left all over the place. As you sweep or wipe it away it releases a gas which contaminates the air. This can cause a variety of breathing illnesses as well as chronic and respiratory problems.

What attracts mice to your house?

  • Mice are prey for a variety of animals including cats, snakes, coyotes and predatory birds. They might be drawn to your house to get away from predators as well as to create nests in your home. Mice are very good at finding hiding places. They can collect suitable food sources from your cupboards, counters and leftovers from floors and take them away to their nest to produce and thrive
  • You might have accessible food sources in your house, much more accessible than in the outdoors where there is competition. Mice and rats will be drawn to the food.
  • Just as all animals need water mice also seek it. If you have a leaking tap or pipe then mice will be sure to try to get to it.
  • If you can hear a couple of squeaks or see one or two in your house you might think that you only have one or two. This is far from the truth because mice have the ability to hide themselves well and to reproduce rapidly. Read this article to find out more information.

When will you hear the squeaking?

Mice are nocturnal animals as are all rodents. So you will be sure to hear them squeaking or making other noises at night. This is when humans are sleeping soundly and this lack of human activity makes the sound of mice even more audible.

 The squeaking? What is the squeaking?

The squeaking that mice do is a form of communicating with each other. They communicate when they can decide on something, they can communicate a variety of emotions and can communicate where one can find water food and shelter

Mice also can squeak when they are tickled. When females are in the presence of other females they let out a sharp chirp. They have also been known to squeak loudly when they have chocolate or can smell it on another’s breath. This is assumed to be because of the activation of dopamine, the pleasure-seeking chemical.

Baby mice squeak when they have been abandoned by their mothers and they feel alone. The babies also squeak when the mother returns. When baby mice need their mother’s milk they can communicate this by squeaking.

Hearing them

Similar to humans mice have different voices. Some may be more high pitched than others but they are all relatively high compared to humans.

They speak in various pitches depending on what they’re trying to communicate. If they have found food then the squeaking will be louder and it will be faster. During mating time males sing complex songs, these complex songs get more frequent as they get closer to ejaculation

Sometimes when mice squeak it’s a high pitched ultrasound frequency noise, it’s so high that humans cannot hear them but mice can. It’s a mouse language that humans cannot decipher. There are a variety of mice sounds that humans cannot hear, these are ultrasonic sounds.

What is the scratching?

Mice have small feet compared to their body. The bottom of their feet are soft and they have long toes with nail-like claws on eat toe. They have two feet in the back and two at the front. When they use their feet for running or scratching their long nails scrape against the surface making a sound.

Mice can run up to 8mph making the scratch marks and sounds on the floor more prominent. When you take into account their small size this is quite a fast speed, the speed is equivalent to an average size human running 160mph

If you’ve ever heard scratching noises as well as the sound of scuffling then this sound probably comes from mice running around and rummaging in your walls, baseboards, floorboards and drywall.

Because of their nocturnal nature, you will usually hear their sounds during the night time. This is particularly irritating when you’re attempting to sleep but this is their natural way of life. They are up at night to make it more difficult for predators to catch them in the darkness. They usually start after sunset and continue with their search for food and water until the sun rises

How to make it stop

  • The only way to stop hearing the sound of mice in your house or property is to get rid of the mice entirely.
  • You can eliminate them and prevent them from finding a habitat in your home by taking away the opportunity to find food, shelter and water. These things bring them to your home in the first place. You can use traps, humane traps or rat bait to get rid of them.
  • Good food sources for mice are both human and pet food. To combat this be sure to close the pet food off in a thick plastic or metal container so mice cannot get into it.
  • Be sure not to leave any food lying around for mice to get attracted to and easyto access. This can include open cereal boxes, crumbs on the floor or food left out
  • Be sure to steal your garbage and throw it away in a secure metal or thick plastic container that mice cannot gnaw or scratch it into.

Additional tips:

Note: If the sounds that you hear are very frequent and quite loud then this is an indication that there are a lot of mice in your house. Be sure to address the problem as quickly as possible because you can have an infestation of mice in a month as a result of the quick reproduction habits. They do have their place in the world are very beneficial but only in certain circumstances. Read this article to find out how

I advise you to call a professional (if you can) to get rid of the mice infestation in your home. I recommend this as you might not be able to determine how large the infestation is, you must only get rid of a few but others might be hiding in your house and on your property. They will reproduce causing infestation again that is out of control

Yes, rats can be very beneficial, this article explains how. Don’t forget that a rat-free home is a clean home.

If you enjoyed this article, found it helpful or think someone else would find it interesting or helpful please share it. I would really appreciate it.

Why do mice squeak? and what to do about it.
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