Why Does My Turtle Tank Lose Water? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)

Raising pet turtles can be a fun but confusing experience, a variety of things can happen that make you wonder and question things, things like the animal’s tank losing water

This article looks into why your turtle’s tank may be losing water

Why does my turtle tank lose water?

A sudden change in your pet tank water will make you wonder whether this change will affect your pet, you may also wonder why this is happening.

Here is a look into why your turtle’s tank seems to be losing water:


If the water in your pet’s tank seems to be disappearing then this is likely happening because of evaporation. Evaporation is a normal occurrence that can happen in any water body where the temperature of the environment is warm enough

The drier the air in the environment the more evaporation will take place because of the lack of humidity in the air. The environment is trying to balance itself out so it will cause evaporation to happen in order to get some moisture into the air.

What to do:

You can choose to add a cover on top of your pet’s tank, this should stop any water from evaporating. If anything, the water will evaporate, land on the underside of the lid, condense and the water will fall back down into the tank

Just make sure that you cut a notch in the lid for the filter hose.

You can also go the route of adding a plant like duckweed on top of the water, this should help in slowing down evaporation. Then again your pet may simply try to eat the duckweed.

If your pet does eat the duckweed then you can simply set up a duckweed farm tank so you have more plants should your pet eat the one in its tank.

You could alternatively top up your pet’s water when you see that the water levels are too low.

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Why Does My Turtle Tank Lose Water? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)
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