Why Is My Bird Throwing Up Water (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Water is life and all animals need it, however, it is quite irregular for birds to throw up water 

This article is a look into why your bird may be throwing up water

Why is my bird throwing up water?

Throwing up is not very pretty or common in birds but it does happen. And one of the things that your bird may throw up is water.

Reasons why your bird may do this may vary, here is why this may be happening:

The bird drank too quickly:

Water is one of the few things that your bird can drink and will be eager to drink. However, these little animals have a weird way of drinking.

Birds drink by dipping their beaks in water and throwing their head back to get the water down their throats.

If the bird is too eager when drinking water it will take a lot of water into its mouth, more water than its mouth can hold, and more water than will go down at a time.

If this happens then the water may spill out of the bird’s mouth and this will look like the bird is throwing up water  

Its crop is full:

The crop is where food and drink are stored in the bird’s body before it moves further down into the rest of the bird’s digestive system into the bird’s other stomachs.

If your bird just drank a lot of water and the bird’s crop is full of water, and you pick the bird up but squash its crop, then you may push some of the water out of the bird’s crop causing the bird to throw up water 

The bird drank water in the shower:

A bird will likely drink any water that it is offered. This includes drinking water while taking a bath or a shower.

If the bird drinks too much water while taking a bath or being in the shower then the bird may throw this water up afterward.

What to do: 

All the reasons, explained above, why a bird may be throwing up water are perfectly normal and should not be something that you should be worried about.

You don’t have to do anything if this is happening, just let the bird be.

You should however worry about the bird if it starts to show signs of distress along with throwing up the water. 

If you notice signs of distress in your bird then it is recommended that you take the bird to the vet to be examined, diagnosed, and treated if treatment is needed and available.

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Why Is My Bird Throwing Up Water (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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