Baby Budgie Eating Poop (1 Reason Why + What To Do)

We, humans, know that poop is not something to ever touch never mind eat, but a variety of animals actually do eat poop, sometimes they eat their own poop, and your baby budgie may be doing just that.

This article is a look into why your baby budgie may be eating its own poop 

Baby budgie eating poop:

While eating your own poop is unsanitary, your baby budgie may still do this. These little birds aren’t aware of the illnesses that they may develop if they do this.

Your bird may occasionally peck at its own poop, and this may simply be done because of curiosity, but if your bird does this consistently then you should be worried.

This is why your bird may be doing this:

It’s malnourished:

If your bird is lacking in vitamins then the bird will eat anything it can to get those vitamins in, this includes its own poop.

Budgies don’t understand that their poop is waste material, they usually poop where they like and then move on to look for food forgetting that they pooped. 

If the only organic material that your caged budgie sees and thinks it has access to is its own poop then the bird will eat its own poop to get vitamins and minerals into its body.

What to do: 

Ensuring that the bird is eating well will keep the bird from eating its own poop.

While you may be serving your baby bird enough food, the bird may not feel the same way or, the baby bird may actually not be eating any of the food as the bird may not like the food that it’s been given.

The bird will eat its own poop rather than eat food that it doesn’t like.

Also, the bird may not look hungry but it may be suffering from malnutrition if it is given a very restrictive diet like a seed-only diet.

If this is the case then the bird may be eating its poop in an effort to get different minerals in. 

Giving the bird a varied diet and ensuring that it has access to cuttlebone, fresh veggies, and a mineral block will also be helpful. 

Also, clean out the bird’s cage or nest box regularly, this will keep the poop to a minimum and will reduce the chances of your bird eating its own poop in the first place.

You may also want to consider getting a cage with bars at the bottom so the bird’s poop can fall out of the cage when it poops and the bird won’t have the option of eating its own poop. 

If you’ve improved your bird’s diet, and the bird is still eating its own poop, then you’d have to take the bird to the vet to be checked.

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Baby Budgie Eating Poop (1 Reason Why + What To Do)
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