Do birds go into heat?

The breeding season comes with a greater opportunity for animals to breed and thus create new life in the world. Males fight each other to show which is the most dominant, they also show off their beauty as this can help them find a mate. Female animals go into heat and when in heat they are more receptive to reproducing with the males of the species. But is going into heat something that all animals do? Do birds go into heat?

Female birds do go into heat just as many other animals of the world do. When a female bird is in heat she becomes more affectionate to her partner. Female birds generally go into heat and seek to mate during springtime. This desire to mate exists but is less strong at other times of the year.

Do birds go into heat?

Like most animals, female birds go into heat. But how they behave during heat is totally different from how a dog, cat, or some other mammal behaves.

Adult female birds are likely to feel reproductive urges during the breeding season.

If you have a male and female pet bird, you might notice the female bird being more affectionate to the male when it’s springtime. But that’s not to say birds do not feel the urge to mate at other times of the year.

How can you tell when a bird is in heat?

You can tell your pet bird is in heat and wants to mate by the following:

1. Eye pinning, wing flipping, tail fanning, etc. All these behaviours send the message that the bird is trying to impress a mate. There are cases where a bird in heat, unable to find a feathered partner, tries to mate with its human caregiver (as funny as that sounds).

3. If your pet bird isn’t the aggressive type but suddenly starts to bite or attack anyone who tries to touch it, then it just might be frustrated that it can’t find a partner to mate with (it’s important that you don’t get mad at it if it lashes out at you).

When is the typical mating season for birds?

Birds typically mate in spring. They choose this time of the year because food and water are abundant. The weather is also suitable for baby birds.

You can tell the mating season for birds has begun if you notice the birds in your backyard flying with twigs, leaves, or grass in their beaks.

What kind of courtship behaviours do birds display?

Getting a mate isn’t easy for birds. They have to do a whole lot of things to attract the opposite sex. Sometimes their efforts pay off, and at other times, it just doesn’t work out for them.

Here are some courtship behaviors birds display to attract a mate:

  • Singing is one of the most common ways male birds try to impress a female. Studies have shown that female birds end up choosing males with the best song structure and frequency.
  • Male birds looking for a mate will dance, dive, head nod, pose, and flap their wings to gain the attention of a female. 
  • When a male bird wants to attract a mate, it shows its bright and colourful plumage to the female birds in the vicinity. Females are attracted to males with the most brilliant feathers, as it’s a sign that they are strong and healthy.
  • Some male bird species try to attract females by showing off their architectural skills. The male who builds the best nest gets the girl.

How courtship rituals increase the chances of finding a mate

Courtship rituals are essential for male birds as it helps them show a female that they are the ideal mate.

If a male bird does everything right in terms of courtship behaviour, it’ll very likely to win a female bird’s affection.


In conclusion, yes birds do go into heat, but not in the ways that cats and dogs do. They are not nervous or agitated like dogs are, rather birds are simply more affectionate to their male partners.

You may notice eye pinning, wing flipping, tail fanning, and more aggressive behaviour if your bird is in heat.

Bird courtship rituals generally happen during the mating season in spring. These rituals like dancing and showing off their plumage show the female that the male is good enough to mate with.

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Do birds go into heat?
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