Natural pain relief for birds

No one wants to see their pet bird in pain, we as humans know how uncomfortable pain is and seeing your little pet bird in pain can be hard to watch. If you aren’t keen to feed your pet bird man-made pain killers then you may be looking for natural ways to relieve your birds of pain. This article will help you in your quest. Read on to learn about natural pain relievers for birds.

Natural pain relievers for birds include aloe vera gel, alfalfa which helps with not only pain but arthritis too. Dandelion which helps with pain and arthritis. Valerian which is both a pain killer in birds and a sedative in birds, and cayenne pepper which is an excellent natural pain killer in birds.

Natural pain relief for birds

Birds fall sick just as humans do. And when they do, it’s up to their caregivers to find a way to bring them back to their feet. If you’ve discovered that your pet bird is sick or in some pain, it’s best that you immediately consult an avian veterinarian.

But what if you can’t find one? In such a situation, experts advise that you administer a natural pain reliever to your pet bird.

The following natural remedies are great for relieving your pet bird of pain; they are also safe:

  • Aloe vera gel – powerful herb for treating pain in birds
  • Alfalfa – removes pain and other symptoms of arthritis in birds
  • Dandelion – relieves pain in birds, an excellent treatment for arthritis
  • Valerian – relieves pain in birds and can be used as a sedative
  • Cayenne pepper – another superb natural pain killer for birds

How can you tell if a bird is in pain?

While some bird species like parrots can ‘talk’ to their owners, they are yet to get to the point where they can tell their caregivers how they feel. Thus when a bird is in pain, there’s almost no way of knowing except if you’ve learned to read the signs they exhibit.

If your pet bird displays any of these signs, know that it is in pain and needs medical attention:

Squinting: birds can get injured while in their cage. If you notice that your bird is squinting, there’s a possibility that it has sustained an eye injury and is in pain.

Unusual behaviours: if you notice that your feathered friend isn’t using a part of its body – for example, one of its legs or wings, then something may be wrong with the body part and it may be in pain.

Weakness: birds are very active creatures, if you notice they aren’t as energetic as they used to be, something might be terribly wrong.

Is paracetamol safe for birds?

If your pet bird is in pain and you can’t get it to a vet, you might think that dosing it with paracetamol would be ok, it’s not.

According to experts, paracetamol is one of the most lethal substances anyone can offer birds, especially when you don’t know what dosage is safe for the creatures. While paracetamol is good for humans, it can be harmful to birds.

So it’s best not to administer this substance to your sick bird.

Can you give aspirin to birds?

Aspirin, like paracetamol, is a powerful pain relief drug. It is entirely safe for humans, but experts strongly advise against administering this medication to birds without a vet’s approval. If your pet bird is in pain, it’s safer to offer it a natural remedy for pain.

How do you feed birds medication?

Administering medication to birds can go south if not done correctly, so it is always essential to consult a veterinarian and ask for directions. In most cases, a vet would instruct you to administer the medication to the bird by placing it in its food or water.

The vet might also ask you to provide the drug using a needle-less syringe or an eyedropper. What you should never do is try to offer medication to your pet bird without guidance from a medical professional.


In conclusion, if you need a natural pain killer for birds then you can go ahead and grab some aloe vera gel for the bird, some alfalfa, a couple of dandelions, soma valerian which is also great for sedating the bird or some cayenne pepper.

To know if your bird is in pain check for the following symptoms: squinting, weakness or any other unusual behaviours. Do not feed your birds human pain medications like paracetamol or aspirin.

You can feed your bird painkillers by placing it in their food, using an eyedropper or using a needless syringe to feed it.

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Natural pain relief for birds
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