Do male birds make nests?

Bird nests can be seen everywhere, both in the wild and in urban environments. A nest is where birds decide to lay and incubate their eggs. You’ve probably seen these stick and grass constructions all over the place and you may be wondering how these are built or even, who builds them. So, do male birds make bird nests? This article looks into it

Certain species of male birds make bird nests but this is not always the case. Usually, it’s the female that builds the nests, she will do most of the construction and the male adds a helping hand by bringing branches, twigs and offering moral support.

Do male birds make nests?

I’m sure that most of us would assume that the responsible, mature male birds would be the ones to create the nest for his family to live and grow in but this isn’t the case. In fact, many species of male birds do not build the nest.

For example, the osprey male prefers to contribute twigs, branches, and moral support to the female than to actually build the nest. Even in the case of the African male weaver bird, which use their nest weaving charm to attract a female during the mating ritual, he too is only willing to play a contributing role to the female who is the main nest builder of the family.

In some cases, the male does build the nest, when this happens the female will line the nest when he is done. It is only in certain polygynous species where the male will build the whole nest.

Do birds build nests before they mate?

Yes, birds build nests before they mate. The male not building the nest is not to say that male birds aren’t able to build nests. The ambitious and handy male bird performs a mating ritual that includes nest making, in fact, he is quite good at it.

For example, the male wren bird will make several nests. These nests are built to be inspected by female wren birds. She will choose whether she is interested in paring with the male, then pick which of his many nests she prefers.

A number of other bird species, like eagles, for example, will first select a mate then make nests afterwards. During this process, the female arranges, crafts and structures the nest while the male supplies the twigs, bark, grass, leaves and other supplies for the nest.

How long does it take a bird to build a nest?

Nests are an integral, important, and invaluable asset for birds. The structure needs to be sturdy, strong enough to withstand the elements, be able to protect the nest’s precious contents and be homely as well. Birds have evolved to be very good building nests and most can build a nest within a day.

The birds will then spend a lifetime maintaining, revamping as well as creating new nests in other locations. The nest-building process and maintenance is a lot of work for birds, this is why one partner is more focused on the building of the nest while the other secures supplies, food, and security.

Do birds sleep in their nests

You’d be surprised to know that after putting in all that hard work on a nest that birds don’t sleep in their nests often. The nests that birds build are really meant to cradle their eggs and young.

The nests are home to eggs and baby birds so they quickly become a messy heap of bird poo, eggshells, uneaten bugs and much more, so parent birds choose to sleep elsewhere. Also, birds are quite resilient, they are capable of sleeping comfortably while perched just about anywhere.

How long do birds use nests for?

Birds can use their nests for years. Even though they choose to sleep elsewhere, their nests are still valuable to birds because they safeguard and house their eggs and young.

After all the hard work it took to make the nests, it’s understandable why birds will use the same nest year after year, for generations. They will repair the nest and make it bigger over time.


In conclusion, male birds generally don’t build the nests, he will help by bringing the female supplies to build it. Only certain species of birds will build the nest together and only certain species of male birds will build the nest themselves. It can take a bird a day to build a nest but they don’t sleep it in, it’s rather to house their young. They will keep the nest for years.

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Do male birds make nests?
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