Can you eat pigeon eggs?

Chicken eggs aren’t the only eggs eaten by humans. There are other eggs that you can use to make your omelettes and other egg dishes. If you want to add more variety to your egg choices then you may be interested in eating pigeon eggs. But can you eat pigeon eggs? How do you cook pigeon eggs and what do these eggs taste like? This article looks into it.

You can definitely eat pigeon egg, these eggs offer good amounts of protein as well as fats which will keep you feeling fuller for longer. You’d need a number of pigeon eggs to satisfy your hunger because these eggs are much smaller than regular chicken eggs.

Can you eat pigeon eggs?

Yes, you can eat pigeon eggs. Pigeons have been used by humans in various ways over the centuries. They’ve been used to carry messages, are pets and even make regular appearances on several speciality menus.

Their fast growth timeline and ability to survive made them a reliable and often eaten meat choice in the past.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for them, their tiny physique meant that their demand plummeted once chicken and turkey became widely available meat options.

Pigeon eggs have also been a well-loved delicacy in the past and they still are. If you are able to find an unattended pigeon nest you can grab an egg and prepare it.

Pigeon eggs are a good source of protein which is useful for our bodies, as well as fat which helps us feel fuller for longer.

When eating pigeon eggs you’ll need many of them to make a meal, these eggs are quite small compared to regular chicken eggs. Some say that pigeon eggs taste like chicken eggs and some disagree, you would have to confirm or deny this yourself.

How do you cook pigeon eggs?

Preparing a pigeon egg requires more effort and skill than preparing your grocery store variety chicken egg.

Before you prepare the egg you’ll need to make sure that the parent pigeon is disease-free and thus hasn’t transferred anything to the egg.

Secondly, pigeon eggs are much smaller than chicken eggs but they need more time to cook. A pigeon egg needs around 25-30 minutes to fully boil.

You could also fry it like you would a chicken egg. Egg salads and mayonnaise made from pigeon eggs are delicious delicacies.

What do pigeon eggs taste like?

It’s a cliché that most unknown and exotic meats “taste like chicken” but people who’ve eaten this egg report that pigeon eggs do in fact taste like chicken eggs. Go figure… pigeon eggs are smaller, have less fat but taste just like chicken eggs.

With regards to the texture, pigeon eggs are denser when cooked when compared to chicken eggs.

Can I throw away pigeon eggs?

Yes, you can throw a pigeon egg away. In some instances, it is the most humane thing to do. In cases where the parent pigeons have died as a result of injuries or because of other reasons, their eggs likely won’t survive.

If you want to take care of the baby pigeon you could pop the eggs in an incubator and after 17 days a tiny pigeon will emerge.

However, you most likely won’t be able to take care of it as well as the parents can. Parent pigeons give their babies a special liquid called crop milk. This crop milk not easily reproduced by humans and is needed by the pigeon babies.

Because of this, throwing a pigeon egg away, if its parents have died, may be the most humane thing to do.

Which bird egg is best for eating?

Almost every bird egg can be eaten, except for a few poisonous birds. The most filling and nutritious eggs come from chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

People with exotic palates may eat an emu egg omelette and a scrambled ostrich egg, these are not only tasty but filling because of their large size.

Other edible bird eggs also include eggs from gulls, geese, pheasants, bantam fowls, guinea fowls, quail, and rhea.


In conclusion, yes you can eat pigeon eggs. These eggs have been eaten by humans for centuries and today are seen as more of a delicacy.

You can cook pigeon’s eggs by boiling them, frying them or any way that you usually cook chicken eggs.

Pigeon eggs taste like chicken eggs according to egg lovers. If you find a pigeon egg it may be best to throw it away as baby pigeons can be very difficult to raise.

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Can you eat pigeon eggs?
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