Do Raccoons Eat Eggs? How eggs Are Good For Raccoons

Raccoons are quite intelligent, they are predators as well, this makes them dangerous to a variety of animals and their offspring. These animals thrive in various environments as well as on different diets.

Raccoons can eat birds and small mammals in the wild, and will do so if it’s necessary. So how about eggs? Do raccoons eat eggs? This article looks into it

Raccoons definitely eat eggs, eggs are a favorite food of raccoons. This food offers raccoons complete proteins and a variety of nutrients. Eggs are also a tasty meal for raccoons. Parent birds are highly protective of their eggs so raccoons need to be sneaky when stealing them 

Do raccoons eat eggs?

Raccoons are known to be opportunistic feeders. These animals have no problem eating a variety of foods. They are able to eat a variety of foods because they are omnivores, they eat both plant and animal matter. 

When you think of these animals you’ll likely imagine them rummaging through your trash looking for food but these animals eat other foods as well.

These animals find creative meals wherever they are, eggs included. 

Health benefits of raccoons eating eggs:

Eggs can be an easy target for raccoons plus they are a protein-rich meal for these animals. Protein is an essential nutrient that all animals need.

Eggs, just as with any other animal protein, can offer raccoons complete sources of protein. Plants can only offer raccoons incomplete sources of protein 

Eggs also offer a variety of other nutrients to the raccoons including vitamin A, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, phosphorus and selenium. Raccoons can get these nutrients from other foods but eggs are a compact and tasty way to get them in one go 

Raccoons vs your chicken coop:

If you have raccoons in the area, and you’re raising chickens, then you should be worried. Raccoons can easily and quickly devastate your flock breaking into your chicken coop, eating the eggs, and killing the birds off.

These furry animals know that your chicken coop contains eggs and chickens and will frequent the coop looking for easy prey, raccoons will visit often if you don’t secure the coop from raccoons 

Chickens will try to protect their eggs but they are no match for a raccoon’s sharp claws and teeth

What bird eggs do raccoons eat? 

Raccoons can eat all types of eggs but they seem to really enjoy robin eggs.

Once this animal gets ahold of the robin egg it will secure the egg in its paws and use its teeth to crack it open and eat the inside. It will leave the shell uneaten after eating the inside 

Do raccoons steal eggs?

Raccoons have to steal eggs if they want to eat them. Birds are generally very protective over their eggs and will fight off any intruder that tries to get close to their eggs.

Raccoons can only access eggs when parent birds are away or not paying attention. If the parents aren’t paying attention the raccoon will quickly reach into the nest with their long slender paws. 

What is a raccoons favourite thing to eat? 

As much as raccoons enjoy eating eggs, they will generally gravitate to eating fruits, eggs are a favorite food of raccoons but so are fruits.

Fruits benefit raccoons in a variety of ways, they are abundant in raccoon habitats and they are easy to access as they don’t need to be hunted for, caught or stolen quickly. Fruits are also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Raccoons especially love the succulent and juicy flesh of fruits. Fruits that raccoons love include grapes, apples, and berries. Other foods that raccoons enjoy include corn, nuts, and acorns 

What food makes raccoons sick?

Surprisingly, trash doesn’t make raccoons sick. These animals eat a variety of foods from the trash, they can do this because their saliva is an antiseptic that cleans food before it gets to the animal’s stomach. However, there are foods that can make raccoons sick: 


Humans may enjoy avocados but raccoons cannot have this food.

Avocados contain persin which can cause the animal to develop diarrhea and start vomiting. If raccoons try to eat avocados not only can the persin make them sick, but the seed is a choking hazard for raccoons

Coffee, cocoa and chocolate:

Raccoons will generally avoid these foods but if they do eat any of these foods the theobromine present in these foods will speed up the animal’s heart rate.

An increase in the animal’s heart rate can cause the animal to have increased aggression, become hyperactive and become easily irritable



This food is widely used by humans but can cause raccoons to develop anemia because of the disulfides and sulfoxides in it. 


In conclusion, yes raccoons can definitely eat eggs, in fact, eggs are loved by raccoons. Raccoons particularly enjoy eating robin eggs. Eggs offer raccoons a variety of vitamins and minerals and are tasty to these animals too 

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Do Raccoons Eat Eggs? How eggs Are Good For Raccoons
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