Do Raccoons Eat Lizards? How They’re Designed To Eat Them

A raccoon’s diet is heavily influenced by its surroundings, these animals will eat whatever’s available to them. This is why a raccoon will eat almost anything, from fresh fruits and vegetables to small animals and even trash.

You may be wondering ‘do raccoons eat lizards, this article explores this topic 

Raccoons do eat lizards, lizards are a great source of protein for raccoons, as long as the raccoon can catch the lizard. The raccoon’s strong stomach acids are able to kill off any salmonella germs present on the lizard’s skin

Do raccoons eat lizards?

Raccoons are very creative when it comes to finding food. These animals will eat almost anything, this makes finding food relatively easy for them.

Not only are they omnivores, (they eat both plant and animal matter), they are opportunistic feeders as well (they will eat almost anything).

A raccoons diet can include poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, pork, and even lizards 

Health benefit of raccoons eating lizards:

Lizards are a good source of vitamins and minerals for raccoons.  The main nutrient that raccoons can get from eating lizards is protein.

Raccoons need protein for effective cell regeneration as well as for the development of body tissue 

How raccoons are designed to catch and eat lizards:

The raccoon’s body is designed to be able to eat almost anything, including lizards.

These animals have teeth that can tear into raw meat. Because raccoon teeth are strong and sharp, they are not only able to chew through plant matter, but animal matter, like lizards, as well.

Their stomach acids are also very strong, this is helpful in killing off the dangerous salmonella germs present on the lizard’s skin.

These stomach acids are also able to digest raw meat, including lizard meat

Lizards are a satisfying meal for raccoons, a raccoon will definitely eat a lizard if it can catch it. These animals have five fingers that can easily grip lizards tightly, preventing escape.

The sharp claws, at the end of a raccoon’s paws, dig into the lizard’s body which also prevents escape.

It is typical for raccoons to hunt for and eat more animals in the spring and eat a more plant-based diet in the summer and fall, however, these animals will eat whatever is available 

Lizards will generally put up a fight when being preyed upon by raccoons, raccoons know this. If raccoons have to, they will fight the lizard and kill it.

That being said, raccoons prefer to conserve energy and find easier prey like insects, they may also choose to eat plants as they offer no resistance to being eaten 

Do raccoons eat iguanas?

Raccoons do eat iguanas, iguanas are a type of lizard. These animals have been eating iguanas for as long as raccoons and iguanas have existed.

In fact, if iguanas are surging in numbers in your area, raccoons may be able to help with pest control. Regardless of what type of lizard is available, a raccoon will likely take the opportunity to eat it, if it can catch it 

This article is a more in-depth look at raccoons eating iguanas

What animals eat lizards? 

Lizards are relatively small animals, these animals generally lack protection, this attracts predators, there are a variety of predators that eat lizards, these include: 


These animals are carnivores, they only eat meat, lizards are a type of meat that snakes will eat. Lizards are a common food source for snakes. Small skunk lizards are eaten by snakes because they are easy to digest. Snakes will generally avoid animals that are difficult to digest. 


Foxes eat a variety of foods, they are omnivores so they can eat both plant matter and animal matter. These animals mostly eat frogs, birds, rabbits, and earthworms but they will eat lizards as well. Foxes that eat lizards include red foxes and coastal foxes.


Cats may be domesticated but this does not mean that they strictly eat cat food. Domesticated cats are still able to hunt and prey on animals, and they usually do. Cats kill lizards when they get the chance and they eat lizards as well 

Other animals:

Other animals that eat lizards include wolves, leopards, possums, crocodiles, fish, toads, feral cats, owls, eagles, hawks, dogs, ravens, roadrunners, rats, herons, chickens, toads, chickadees, and even bigger lizards 

What can raccoons not eat? 

Raccoons can’t eat everything, there are a few foods that raccoons can’t eat, these include: 

  • Onions 
  • Spices 
  • Avocados 
  • Citrus 
  • Chocolate 
  • Coffee 
  • Cocoa 
  • Processed foods 
  • Candies 

This article is a more in-depth look at what raccoons can’t eat


In conclusion, yes, raccoons do eat lizards.

These animals will eat almost anything they can get their hands on, lizards included, assuming the raccoon can catch it.

Lizards offer good amounts of protein to raccoons and their meat can easily be torn by the raccoon’s teeth and digested by the raccoon’s strong stomach acids.

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Do Raccoons Eat Lizards? How They’re Designed To Eat Them
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