Mouse deterrent for cars: Angveirt Under Hood Animal Repeller

Rodents such as mice and rats don’t seem all that harmful. There are some pros to rodents, they play a virtual role in our ecosystem and food chains. That said these little animals can be very dangerous to you, your family and to your home. You might see on or two but there are always more rats in your home than you think. If they get into your car it can cause some serious damage as well. That is why it is so important to have a good mouse deterrent for cars, a good option to try is the Angveirt Under Hood Animal Repeller Mice Rodent Repellent for Cars

If you have a mouse problem you know the issues that they can pose to your car. Your car engine is one part that rodents can cause some major damage in. They find their way into your car’s engine and start to chew at the protective insulation covering the wiring. Their sharp long teeth will cut through the insulation and into the wiring and this can cause a short circuit. On top of that, getting this fixed will be a costly expense. This is why you need something to deter rodents form your car, if not your cat wiring will just get chewed up again.

What the product is: Device that repels mice and rats by using sound waves and LED lights

Things you need to know about the product:

  • Repels a variety of animals
  • Easy to install
  • Uses ultrasonic waves
  • Uses LED lights
  • Maintenance only after 3 months.
  • Easy to install  

Product features:

Simple yet efficient design

The product deters a variety of animals, it stops them from seeking refuge in your car and under your hood. When the colder months come around rodents try to find a place that is safe, secluded and comfortable where they can take shelter. To stop this the device makes the area under your hood less desirable. The device emits LED strobes lights when on, it also emits ultrasounds under your hood. This makes the space under your hood an uncomfortable space to be in for rodents, forcing them to vacate.

Easy installation

Ease of use is always a reason for me to be attracted to a pest control product and this product delivers. You only have to connect a couple of wires then you’re done. Once you connect it to your car you can leave the product in for 3 months without having to even think about it.


You won’t have to worry about having to switch this product on or off, it can do that itself. The machine can sense when the car is off, it senses that the car is off by picking up on the vibrations. When the car is not vibrating it switches on and prevents mice from biting into the wiring. When you start your car the device goes into standby mode.

Variety of pests can be deterred:

The machine emits ultrasonic waves to deter a variety of animals, rats and mice won’t be the only deterred animals. This product will be able to deter rabbits, sables, squirrels, chipmunks, martens and any other rodents that may try to come into your car.

Humane pest control

You won’t have to worry about mouse traps, baits or any poisons when you use this product. The mice and other animal’s leave voluntary. There is no clean up of dead mice after you use this product either. It’s a win-win situation. This is much better on your conscience and its pretty good bang for your buck.

How to install

NB: Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions to get the best results.

  1. There are two connectors on this device, to install simply connect these to the positive and negative terminals of your car’s battery
  2. You can use zip ties to mount the product to the engine room. These zip ties are included in the package
  3. Lastly, connect the repellents power port to the white connector.


I love the idea behind this device, it’s a simple, easy and humane way to get rid of your mouse and rodent problem in no time. The ease of use and effectiveness is a winner for me. This allows you to save huge amounts of money as you’ll avoid having to get the wiring of your car fixed up on a regular basis because of rodents.

Other rodent issues:

If you have rodent problems in your car then you might have the same problem in your house as well. There might be mice in your home or on your property, if you would like to catch them using glue traps then here is an article on which one is worthwhile. If you would rather go the route of poisoning them with bait here is something you can use to get rid of your rodent problem.

I hope you enjoyed this article looking at the best mouse deterrent for cars. If you did please share it so others know what to use for a rodent-free car.

Mouse deterrent for cars: Angveirt Under Hood Animal Repeller
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