Most powerful outdoor ant killer: AMDRO Perimeter Ant Bait Granules

Ants aren’t only an issue inside the house. Our yards, gardens and farms can be victims of an ant infestation as well. You need to kill the ants outside your home before they make their way inside. If you don’t get rid of them in time they can be very detrimental to your home and family. If you’re looking for the most powerful outdoor ant killer then I recommend you have a look at the AMDRO Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules. You might have tried a variety of ant treatments and found that nothing seems to be working for the outside. This will be your saving grace, you can say bye-bye to your ant problem in no to time.

Yes, ants have pros and cons but mostly they are a nuisance. No one likes ants on their property and nothing will ruin a barbecue or picnic quite like ants will. The smell of food will drive them straight to you. Ants love food and pest control brands know it, so in retaliation to ants, brands have designed a product that works on that love of food to kill them off, ant baits! Ant baits are a quick and easy way to get rid of your outdoor ant problem. After use of this product, you’ll be able to enjoy ant-free gardens and lawns again in no time.

This product is easy to use and will kill a variety of ants such as harvester ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, bighead ants, carpenter ants, argentine ants, odorous ants and fire ants. Using baits over contact killing products is much more effective. This is because the ants will be attracted to the bait, pick it up and bring it back to the colony. When all the other ants feed on the bait they are poisoned and die. This includes the queen, who is responsible for giving birth to new ants.

Things you need to know about the product:

  • Granular bait
  • Not safe to use around pets
  • Not safe to use in vegetable gardens
  • Lasts for 3 months
  • Easy to use

Top features

Attractive bait:

These baits are designed to look, smell and taste like food to the ants. They come in granular forms and look like cornmeal. Humans might not be able to smell the granules but the ants definitely will. They will flock to these little pieces of “food” happily.

The ant baits have 2 jobs. 1 luring the ants out of their nests and towards the bait and 2 poisoning ants. The ant killing active ingredient is hydramethylnon.  This chemical results in ant fatality as it disrupts energy production in the ant cells. The product is quite potent and can be picked up by children or pets so I would not recommend you use it around pets or children.

Easy to use:

Ant pest control has come a long way, we now have access to very easy to use products such as these. The lid has 2 flaps which open giving you control of how much product you want to use. You can control how much product you let out with these two.

To treat your home simply create a perimeter layer around the home with the granules. That’s all you have to do in the form of pest control with this product, simple. This one application is all you need to protect your home for 3 months. Any of the ants looking to get into your home looking for food will stop at the perimeter, the granules will be a good food source.

The granules come out dry and work best dry, you should only apply the product on dry ground. Make sure you check the weather forecast before applying, the granules should be applied if rain is approaching.  


You will see the ants starting to die within 24 hours. The deaths do not happen immediately as the bait has a delayed reaction. This reaction is delayed in order to allow the ants to take the granules back to the colony and share the feast.

If you had an ant problem before you’ll notice that the ants will greatly decrease within 24 hours. It works quite well and does not oversell itself on how effectively it will work. This is a great alternative to using pest control services that can be quite pricy and can take quite a bit of time to work.

Benefits of using this product:


A little goes a long way with this potent product and you can rest assured that you’ll be protected from ants for about 3 months. This is more bang for your buck when compared to contact killers which only kill the ants insight and on contact. Contact ant killers also don’t keep your home protected for months.

A little goes a long way:

If you have an average home then you can use this to your heart’s content without running out any time soon. One 24 ounce bottle is enough to cover 1080 linear feet of space. You can use this product all over your gardens, yards, around the perimeter of your home, in landscaped areas and any other outside area that has an ant problem.


This is an easy-to-use product and I think you’ll be impressed at its effectiveness. If you’ve tried many products and are frustrated at other ant baits then this one is what I recommend. Just make sure not to use it around your pets or your children.

Solutions to other types of ant issues:

If you need a product that is able to kill fire ants specifically without having to harm your pets then you might want to read this article. You might not need a product that protected your perimeter, you might need a product that can deal with your ant mounds, if so then clicks this link. If you prefer a natural ant killer then make sure you check this article. Here is an article looking at various ways you can get rid of ants.

I hope you enjoyed this is article looking at the most powerful outdoor ant killer. If you enjoyed this article please share it.

Most powerful outdoor ant killer: AMDRO Perimeter Ant Bait Granules
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