My Turtle Escaped His Tank (Steps To Finding Your Pet)

Keeping a pet turtle can be quite the fun and rewarding experience, but it can also come with some scarey times, one scarey thing that turtles can do is escape from their tank. 

If this has happened with your pet then have no fear, this article will help you figure out what to do if this happens 

My turtle escaped his tank:

Unexpected challenges will come with owning and raising any animal not only turtles.

These animals may be slow but this doesn’t mean they can’t get from A to B. A may be their tank and B may be somewhere in your house. 

Why it happened:

Turtles, just like many other animals, love to explore and wander around, they do understand that their enclosure is a source of food and comfort but they like to find other sources of food and comfort as well. 

They will also roam around looking for mates, nesting sites, and water, it is instinctual for them

If your pet is new then it may try to escape, or successfully escape their enclosure, because they don’t want to be in this new unfamiliar area 

What to do:

Stay calm:

Staying calm is important especially once your pet escapes the tank, staying calm will help you think clearly and this will help you find the reptile 

Panicking won’t do anything apart from making the situation worse.


Close off areas:

You wouldn’t want your pet wandering off even further or getting into danger while you’re looking for them, so secure the area before you start to look

Close off access to hazardous chemicals and areas and make sure that the wondering turtle won’t be able to get to your other pets.


Where to look for your pet:

If your pet just recently escaped the tank then it likely won’t be far away, these animals are quite slow so they can’t cover too much ground. 

Look for the animal near the enclosure at first as well as in dark areas, secluded areas, in things, and under items. Where you should look will look different depending on what size your turtle is. 

Under the furniture, under beds, in the back of closets, under couches under bookshelves, under the fridge, in shoes, under clothes, and behind curtains.

Getting down to the animals level may also help to find the animal, trying to find your reptile from a human perspective isn’t always the best.  

Water sources will also be a good place to check, these animals are very good at finding water sources and will gravitate to them. Also, look in warm places like behind your computer case.


Use treats: 

Your pet will come out of hiding on its own if you leave its favorite treats out, leaving these out will take all the work of having to find the animal yourself, your pet will simply make its way to the food itself. 

Preventing future escapes:

The only way to keep your pet from escaping in the future is by keeping the tank closed and properly secured.

These animals are great climbers and have a lot of patience and they will do the best they can to get out of the enclosure, so, keeping it secured is the way to go. 

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My Turtle Escaped His Tank (Steps To Finding Your Pet)
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