My Turtle Keeps Splashing (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Having a turtle as your companion friend can be a lovely experience, it can also be quite an interesting and educational experience as the animals may do things that seem quite odd and out of the ordinary like splashing 

If your pet turtle is splashing, and you want to figure out why then this article will be of help to you.


My turtle keeps splashing: 

Turtles love the water, they drink it and they swim in it, but if you’ve noticed your pet doing some serious aerobics in its water, if it starts splashing in the water, you’d understandably wonder why. 

Here is why your pet turtle may be splashing:

For attention:

Because turtles cannot speak to you, and because they don’t make much noise, they will try to communicate with you as best they can in other ways.

One of the ways that these animals will communicate is by splashing around. 

What to do: 

This is normal behavior and isn’t something that you’d need to worry about in fact, it’s good that the animal is splashing around to get your attention.

The animal trying to get your attention means that it likes you and wants you around, something that doesn’t always happen very quickly 

It wants food:

Turtles associate people with food and the animal may associate you with one of its favorite food items.

If this is the case then your pet turtle may splash around in its water so that you can come around and give it some food 

A turtle who wants food may even swim up to the side of the pond or tank and splash while moving its whole body as though it is trying to get out. 

All this splashing simply means that the animal is very excited and it’s hard for the animal to contain itself, nothing to worry about 

What to do:

Check that your pet has enough food for its species, age, and weight, and make sure that the animal is actually eating the food that you give it. 

If the animal is underweight you may want to consider giving it more food until it gets to a healthy weight. 

You can also give the animal treats but don’t go overboard with this and try to give the animal healthy treats. 

The animal wants to lay eggs: 

If your pet turtle is a female, and gravid, then it may be splashing around and trying to escape because it wants a place to lay her eggs. 

Female turtles will produce eggs even when there is no male turtle around, these eggs will be sterile but she will still want to lay them in an optimal location. 

If your turtle isn’t satisfied with the enclosure as a place to lay eggs then you may notice some splashing.

Another tell that your female turtle is gravid is the animal becomes disinterested in food. 

What to do: 

You need to make sure that your pet’s enclosure has enough soil and that the enclosure is big enough for the reptile to want to lay eggs in it.

Topsoil is recommended for the enclosure and it should be 4 to 5 inches deep to be optimal for the animals digging.  

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My Turtle Keeps Splashing (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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