Parakeet Going Crazy In Cage (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Parakeets are very relaxed birds, they eat, sleep, poop, and socialize with others with no drama.

Knowing this, a change in your bird’s behavior, like the bird going crazy in its cage, is something to worry about. This article looks into it.

Parakeet going crazy in cage:

If your parakeet is going crazy in its cage you’d rightfully be worried, here are a few reasons why this may be happening: 


Birds love excitement, they also love to have their mind stimulated, and, they also love to exercise.

Unfortunately, if your bird does not get any of this, if it is stuck in its cage all day and night, and isn’t given the opportunity to get out of the cage then it may start to act crazy.

Because these birds have no way of communicating that they are bored in the cage they will do what they can to get your attention, they will start acting crazy.

The bird will fly back and forth in the cage and will squeak and be hyperactive as a way of trying to get your attention and trying to get out of the cage.

What to do: 

You don’t have to let the birds out of their cage for the whole day, in fact, doing this can be dangerous for the bird.

But, letting your bird out for an hour a day to stretch its wings and to be stimulated outside of the cage is recommended. 

The bird may also be bored because it is already used to all the toys that are already in the cage. If the toys have been in there for a while then replace them with new and exciting toys.

Hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes not only affect humans but birds, like your parakeet, too. Hormonal changes can be the cause of the character change in your bird.

One concerning effect of hormonal changes in parakeets is aggression, the bird can become aggressive toward you and towards other birds, hissing when you get near it 

What to do: 

This is an internal change that birds have to endure and there is nothing you can do to change the bird’s hormones.

However, you can give the bird a bigger cage if it starts clashing with any other birds in the cage. This will keep each bird out of the other’s way.

Letting the bird go through the hormonal changes and waiting it out is the next best thing. 


If birds fear for their safety then they will start acting out, but the bird doesn’t do this randomly, they will act out when something frightens them. 

If this happens when the bird is awake then the bird likely saw something that it perceives as a threat, if the bird does this at night then the bird may be having a night terror either from a dream or when they see a scary shadow or even a predator.

The bird will frantically fly around its cage in this case and may start squawking. 

What to do: 

These birds know that they are prey animals so the only way to calm them down is to remove the threat or the perceived threat.

You can also add a night light or a dimly lit light close to the bird’s cage to show the bird that it has nothing to worry about. Also, speak very gently to the bird to calm it down.

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Parakeet Going Crazy In Cage (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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