Budgie Squeaking When Flying (1 Reason Why + What To Do)

Budgies are very lovely birds to own as pets, these birds are extremely affectionate and loving, and if you love your pet you’d want it to be healthy and live a long life.

However, the bird’s life can be cut short if it gets sick and is not treated, you may be concerned if your bird is squeaking when flying and you may think that it is sick. This article looks into why budgies do this.

Budgie squeaking when flying:

Mice aren’t the only animals that can squeak, surprisingly budgies can squeak sometimes too.

The squeaking that you hear when the bird flies happens when stress is put on the bird’s respiratory system.

Birds are relaxed when they are at rest and when they aren’t flying so you won’t hear that they have respiratory distress at this time but if your budgie does some sort of strenuous activity, like flying, then the bird will start to squeak because stress is being put on their respiratory system during flight.

The bird may have a constricted airway, and this may be the cause of the respiratory distress, or, the bird may be suffering from a respiratory illness.

This may be brought on by an infection, usually a bacterial infection, cancer, or something as simple as a vitamin A deficiency in the bird’s diet.

What to do:

Figuring out what is causing your bird’s respiratory distress can be difficult, the bird can be suffering from a variety of ailments and it may be difficult to figure out what exactly is wrong with the bird.

Thus, it is recommended that you take the bird to a vet, or better yet, an avian vet, to figure out what is wrong with the bird. Once diagnosed the vet will offer treatment if available and the bird should go back to breathing normally once it recovers.

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Budgie Squeaking When Flying (1 Reason Why + What To Do)
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