Pest control: How to get rid of raccoons (a product guide)

Raccoons can do some serious damage on your property from rummaging through your trash, to giving you rabies and more. If you want to get rid of them, repel them or chase them away using products you can find online then this article will help you out.

From using coyote urine, animal traps, repellents, raccoon traps, poisoning them with bait and using ultrasonic devices which repel them I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with you which you can use.

Motomco tomcat all weather bait chux

Product summary: This product states it will to stop the feeding of rodents and raccoons as it is a potent toxicant. Simply sprinkle where frequent are and wait. It’s marketed to kill rodents but also can also help you deal with your raccoon problem

Thoughts, opinions and tips: If you find that your raccoons are eating everything then this is something that will stop them in their tracks. If traps are ineffective then this is your next best bet.

Note: If you have a cockroach problem then they will love this as well but won’t die (if you want to deal with cockroaches you need a different solution) see this article for products on how to deal with cockroaches. Also: look out for the carcasses of the dead animals as they will start to stink up your attic or anywhere else the raccoons have died.

Univerayo Deer Repellent Solar Predator Control Light Predator Deterrent Devices

Product summary: This is an interesting product. It protects your property from raccoons, skunks, deer, coyotes and more. It does this by flashing a red light constantly, this simulates predator eyes and fire to pests, making them feel like they’re being watched or discovered. They will then decide to flee out of fear of danger. The product will continue to flash light as long as it’s on. This product is suitable for outdoor use as it is waterproof, durable and solar powered. 

Thoughts, opinions and tips: This works on animals natural instinct to leave an area where they think there is a predator. So this product is a pretty good bet to get rid of raccoons. It is a good idea to keep this product at the same eye level to raccoons or other animals to keep the effect.

Jim’s all natural animal repellent 

Product summary: If you want an all-natural spray option to get rid of your raccoon problem this is the way to go. It’s ready to use and you can simply spray where needed. It uses spicy habanero peppers which repels a number of pests such as raccoons, possums, squirrels, rabbits, armadillo, cats, voles and more. You can use it around your house or take it when camping. This is safe enough to be used in gardens as it is all natural preventative solution to raccoons entering your property.

Thoughts, opinions and tips:  It does a great job with regular use and you can rest easy knowing it’s safe to use all over your property. It also will repel dogs so keep that in mind.

Havahart 1079 large 1 door humane animal trap 

Product summary: A humane way to get rid of your little raccoon friends is to use a small trap that catches your raccoons, groundhogs, opossums and cats. This trap is designed for professional animal catchers so it will definitely work. It has a spring-loaded solid metal door to contain pests, conveniently the traps are resistant to rust. To trap the raccoons simply set the traps out on your property.

Thoughts, opinions and tips: This is a fast acting product if you can lure raccoons to it. I recommend that you hose down the cage between animals as the previous animal might leave a “warning message”. Be sure to read instructions about this trap. Some bait you can use for this trap are bananas, baby carrots, lettuce, foliage peanut butter and apples

Exterminators choice vehicle protection by mice and rodent repellent 

Product summary: This is a good repellent that protects your vehicle wiring from these critters.  The formula has an unpleasant smell to animals. This can ward off raccoon‘s, gofers, mice, rats, rabbits, roaches and it’s great because it’s safer than pesticides and won’t hurt you and your family

Thoughts, opinions and tips: It is convenient as it will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wire repair fees. You can spray this product every two weeks until summer. When summer starts you can spray once a month. Note: It has a terrible smell but it does keep the pests away, so if you want to avoid using poisons this is the way to go

Bird x stainless steel bird spikes kit 

Summary of product: These steel spikes prevent raccoons from walking on your property. It is a great option to keep the raccoons away in a humane way. This is convenient as it’s a once off long lasting product. You can choose what length and direction the spikes can go as the base is flexible.

Thoughts, opinions and tips: You’ll find the snap-able design convenient because you can choose what length you want to make it. You’ll it because it’s easy to install and flexible enough to use it even on jungle gyms if necessary. When you decide to claim back your territory this is the way to go.

Leg up coyote urine

Product summary: If you want to repel animals by mimicking their predator’s urine then this is your go to product. Using predator urine makes the animal think that they are in danger of being attacked in that area. It is all natural and repels animals such as raccoons, deer and opossums making them flee in fear

Thoughts, opinions and tips: I like the fact that they can get rid of the animals without harming them. You can use it around that perimeter of your property. Just remember to refill it monthly. Note: This product smells quite bad so be weary.

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Pest control: How to get rid of raccoons (a product guide)
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