Pest control: How to get rid of skunks (a product guide)

Skunk pest control product

The last thing you want is a skunk coming onto your property and the possibility of them feeling intimidated and spraying you. There are a variety of things you can do about this. I did some research on what you can do and this is what I found

From red eyes that mimic the appearance of a predator watching them to predator urine which makes it seem like predators are in the area and humane traps for when you want to catch them and then released him into the wild this article goes through a variety of things you can do to get skunks off your property.

Univerayo Deer Repellent Solar Predator Control Light

Product summary: This is an interesting product. It protects your property from skunks raccoons, deer, coyotes and more. It does this by flashing a red light constantly, this simulates predator eyes to pests, making them feel like they’re being watched or discovered. They will then decide to flee out of fear of danger. The product will continue to flash light as long as it’s on. This product is suitable for outdoor use as it is waterproof, durable and solar powered. 

Thoughts, opinions and tips: This product acts on animal instinct based on nature thus making it a viable option to repel skunks. It is a good idea to keep this product at the same eye level as skunks or other animals to keep the effect.

Havahart 1079 large 1 door humane animal trap 

Product summary: A humane way to get rid of your little skunk friends is to use a small trap that catches your skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, opossums and cats. This trap is designed for professional animal catchers so it will definitely work. It has a spring-loaded solid metal door to contain pests, conveniently the traps are resistant to rust. To trap the skunks simply set the traps out on your property.

Thoughts, opinions and tips: This is a fast acting product if you can lure skunks to it. I recommend that you hose down the cage between animals as the previous animal might leave a “warning message”. Be sure to read instructions about this trap. Some bait you can use for this trap are bananas, baby carrots, lettuce, foliage peanut butter and apples

Exterminators choice vehicle protection by mice and rodent repellent 

Product summary: This is a good spray repellent that protects your vehicle wiring from these critters.  The formula has an unpleasant smell to animals. This can ward off skunks, raccoons, gofers, mice, rats, rabbits and roaches. It’s great because it’s safer than pesticides and won’t hurt you and your family

Thoughts, opinions and tips: It is convenient as it will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wire repair fees. You can spray this product every two weeks until summer. When summer starts you can spray once a month. Note: It has a terrible smell but it does keep the pests away, so if you want to avoid using poisons this is the way to go

Jim’s all natural animal repellent 

Product summary: If you want an all-natural liquid option to get rid of your skunk problem this is the way to go. It’s ready to use and you can simply spray where needed. It uses spicy habanero peppers which repels a number of pests such as skunks, raccoons, possums, squirrels, rabbits, armadillo, cats, voles and more. You can use it around your house or take it when camping. This is safe enough to be used in gardens as it is an all natural preventative solution to skunks entering your property.

Thoughts, opinions and tips:  It does a great job with regular use and you can rest easy knowing its safe to use all over your property. It also will repel dogs so keep that in mind.

Leg up coyote urine

Product summary: If you want to repel animals by mimicking their predator’s urine then this is your go to product. Using predator urine makes the animal think that they are in danger of being attacked in that area. It is all natural and repels animals such as skunks, raccoons, deer and opossums making them flee in fear

Thoughts, opinions and tips: You’ll like the fact that they can get rid of the animals without harming them. You can use it around that perimeter of your property. Just remember to refill it monthly. Note: This product smells quite bad so be weary.

Predator pee Fox pee shots 

Product summary: If you want a urine repellent but do not want the liquid form this is a good alternative. These are solid urine shots and are 100% natural and organic. They can last up to a year stopping skunks, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits in the tracks. This is a great way that you can use natures natural pest control tricks.

Thoughts opinions and tips: This product acts on animal instinct based on nature thus making it a viable option to repel skunks. Its easy to use and hassle free. You won’t smell it so much but animals sure will.

Pest/Rodent and Wild Animal Repellent,Protects Vehicle/Car Engine Wiring

Product summary: This is an interesting concept for a product. It uses all natural heated treat dog hair selected and sourced from specific dog groomers as well as a vegetable waxed scented fragrance which has been proven to repel animals. You can leave this in your engine, in your car or in your house to repel skunks. Its super convenient as you don’t need to spread, spray or sprinkle anything.

The smell emitted makes the area seem as though there is a predator around thus repelling skunks and other pests. It’s convenient and safe to use.

Thoughts opinions and tips: I like that this is an innovative way to get rid of your skunk problem. Its easy to use and mobile enabling you to use it even when travelling.

Chase mole, vole and gopher repellent granules, castor oil granular roach dent repeller 

Product summary: If you would like to use a granular forms of caster oil to protect your property of skunks then these are a sure fire way to get the job done. When applied it creates an uncomfortable and unbearable environment forcing them to vacate your property. This product is environmentally friendly as the product contains 76% ground up corn cobs and 19.5% castor oil. It is also great because it is biodegradable. 1 pound can cover 1000 ft.²

Thoughts opinions and tips: Skunks are repelled by castor oil so this is a sure fire way to get rid of the problem. The fact that this works on other animals as well is a big plus.

Messina Wildlife AS- 073161 As-U-Sc1 Animal Stopper 15 Oz Spray Can, Ready to Use Liquid

Product summary: This aerosol is a great repellent to use against skunks, raccoons, groundhogs and rabbits. It is humane and creates a secure barrier against skunks. This product is long lasting as it can be used every 30 days regardless of weather. It dries clear, is odor free and can be used in the garden around fruits and vegetables

Thoughts opinions and tips: Convenience is a big plus on this product, the aerosol spray allows for that. This is also a good option because it repels more animals than just skunks.

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Pest control: How to get rid of skunks (a product guide)
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