What do birds do during the day?

Most humans fill their days with working, eating, travelling to work and spending time with family or friends. Animals have different ways of spending their days. Because they don’t have jobs or friends as humans do, they have a vastly different lifestyle. That being said, some activities like finding food are similar to humans. Different animals have different lifestyles, so, what do birds do during the day?

The majority of birds look for food during the day, in fact, this takes up most of their energy reserves and most of their day. In addition to their quest for food, you can find birds caring for their young, mating and defending its territory.

What do birds do during the day?

While diurnal birds are active during the day, nocturnal birds, on the other hand, are inactive. Birds like owls and nighthawks spend the entirety of the day sleeping.

As soon as the day starts to break, diurnal birds wake up from their sleep. Depending on your region, you might begin to hear birds chirping or singing as early as 6:00 am. However, most diurnal birds don’t leave their nests or shelters until the day starts to brighten.

As soon as a bird leaves its nest, it spends the rest of the day in search of food, this is its main priority every day and what takes up most of its energy. Other activities a bird might engage in during the day include attracting a mate, mating, caring for its young, and defending its territory.

Where do birds go during the day?

If you have wild birds living in your backyard, you may have noticed that these creatures are never in their nests during the day. And you might have wondered where exactly they go.

According to experts, birds spend a great deal of their day searching for food. If a bird finds a location that’s rich in food, it will go there every day. Thus if someone in your neighbourhood places food in a bird feeder, the wild birds living close to you are likely to hang around that feeder all throughout the day.

Are a bird’s winter and summer routines the same?

Like most mammals, birds have different routines for winter and summer. During mid-to-late summer, some birds like robins and blackbirds undergo moulting (growing new feathers). Therefore, you are less likely to find them at your feeder around that time. Summer is also when birds pick mates, build nests, lay and hatch eggs, and baby birds mature.

During the winter, birds do things differently. They remain in their nests or shelters. Most bird species go into torpor to survive the freezing temperature, much like when a bear goes into hibernation. So you are less likely to see them out and about at that time of the year.

Do pet birds get bored in cages?

If you own a pet bird, we are almost certain you keep it in a cage 24/7. But is that good for the bird? Studies have confirmed that birds get bored in cages. And that boredom could turn to depression for the little creatures.

Most birds are social creatures and like stimulation. Keeping them inside cages all the time prevents them from being what they are – birds. In order to prevent your pet bird from getting bored or depressed, experts advise that you take it out of its cage regularly. Hold them in your hand and play with them.

You can also place different bird toys in the cage. The toys should keep your pet bird mentally occupied. Additionally, you should put your pet bird in a large cage – this gives it enough room to fly, walk around, and climb. Finally, don’t place your pet bird’s cage in an isolated part of the house. It would be best if you position the cage where the bird can see the family.

What time of day are birds most active?

Diurnal birds are most active in the early morning time and a few hours before darkness falls. Nocturnal birds, on the other hand, are most active during nighttime.


In conclusion, the main activity that birds do during the day is looking for food. Food is needed for bird survival and is what takes up most of their day. You won’t find birds in their nests during the day because they are out looking for food. You can expect them to be out in the early hours of the morning and late evening. In summer, birds will moult and in winter they will go into torpor.

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What do birds do during the day?
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