Can I Clean My Turtle Tank With Vinegar? (A Quick Guide)

Cleaning your turtle’s tank will go a long way toward helping the animal live a long and healthy life, a healthy tank makes for a healthy turtle

This article is a look into how vinegar can help keep your turtle tank clean

Can I clean my turtle tank with vinegar?

You may not want to use harsh chemicals when cleaning out your turtle’s tank, and this is understandable.

If you stumble upon non-toxic products that can clean out your turtle’s tank then you’d understandably want to use them, vinegar is a non-toxic product that can clean your pet’s tank

Here is how to clean your turtle’s tank using vinegar:

Vinegar and cleaning the tank:

Vinegar is a cheap and effective product that you can use in your pet’s tank. This product is able to remove hard water stains that accumulate in tanks. Here is how to use it:

Start off by removing your pet from its tank and leaving it in a bucket or container. Add water to the container so your pet has the option to swim

Next, take the decorations out and put them in a separate container, they need to be cleaned separately to get rid of all the waste and dirty. The electronic devices used in the tank also need to be taken out and cleaned separately.

Once the above is done remove the water and start scrubbing the tank using a cleaning sponge/scrubber and aquarium salt, do not use table salt

Once scrubbed for the first time soak the scrubber in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and then scrub the tank.

The hard water stains need soaking and repetitive vinegar dampening to be removed.

When scrubbing try to avoid tilting the tank too much to get the vinegar to soak, doing this can crack the tank or cause a leak in some other way.

Allow the mixture to seep into the stains for about 30 minutes.

Use a scraper to scrape any calcium deposits from the tank as well.

Once this is done you can rinse everything out. Clean the decorations using the vinegar solution and rinse them off as well

Once all this cleaning is done rinse everything multiple times. Once rinsed add fresh water, the electronics and the decorations back into the tank, and then put the turtle back.


There are a couple of things that you’d need to keep in mind when using vinegar to clean out your pet’s tank:

Vinegar can kill grass and plants, for this reason, avoid using the vinegar mixture to clean the plants in your pet’s enclosure. You’d need to use a plant and turtle-safe cleaner to clean your pet’s plants.

Don’t pour the vinegar into the animal’s tank, a little bit on accident won’t make a difference but if you’re pouring a lot into the tank then you’ll eventually need to take your pet to the vet. These animals absorb moisture through their skin and the vinegar will get into their system which is dangerous

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Can I Clean My Turtle Tank With Vinegar? (A Quick Guide)
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