How To Keep A Turtle Tank Clean Without A Filter? (3 Helpful Ways)

The tanks of turtles can get pretty dirty, all that feces, waste from food, and bacteria will accumulate eventually and dirty up the tank, and if you don’t have a filter what can you do?

This article looks into it

How to keep a turtle tank clean without a filter?

If you don’t have a filter yet but, want to keep your turtle in a clean tank, there are a few things that you can do to maintain a clean tank for a little bit

This is what you can do to keep a turtle tank clean without a filter:

Live plants:

Using live plants in your pet’s tank is one way to keep the tank clean without a filter.

Live pats will use the nutrients in the water, ie: waste products produced by turtles, as a source of food. This method is a great way to clean out the tank if you don’t currently have a filter.

Regular water changes:

Another thing that will keep your tank water clean without a filter is cleaning the water out regularly.

While you only need to fully replace the water in your pet’s tank every 6 months you should do a 10 percent water change every week. Doing this will help clean out the tank.

It is recommended that you take some time between full water changes because changing the water too often will disturb and or kill all the good bacteria living in your pet’s tank.

Feed outside the tank:

One of the main causes of a dirty tank is the food that your pet turtle eats, or rather, how the turtle eats.

These animals are quite messy eaters, they will rip up their food when eating and this food will land all over the tank.

You can combat this by feeding your pet in a separate container and then putting your pet back in its tank once it’s done eating.

Your pet will likely poop while eating, so, using this method will keep the poop out of the tank as well.

Notes on filters:

Using a filter in your pet’s tank is still highly recommended, these devices do a lot in the way of making sure that your pet’s environment stays clean and livable.

When you do get a filter, make sure that the filter is designed to be used in a tank 3 or 4 times the tank’s size.

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How To Keep A Turtle Tank Clean Without A Filter? (3 Helpful Ways)
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