Why Is My Turtle Filter So Loud? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Turtles are quiet animals, these reptiles don’t generally make much noise, but the items in their tanks may make a lot of noise, things like the filter, but why does this happen?

This article is a look into why your turtle’s filter seems to be so loud

Why is my turtle filter so loud?

A loud filter will not only be annoying to you, but it can also be a disturbance, or even scary, to your turtle, so, figuring out why the filter is so loud will be to both of your benefit.

Here is why your turtle filter may be so loud:

Dirty filter:

Your turtle’s filter is designed to get rid of the dirt and grime in your pet’s tank but the filter itself needs to be cleaned out to remove the dirt and grime that it collects.

If the accumulated dirt in the tank is not removed then the filter will start to make odd noises when water flows through the filter and passes the collected dirt.

What to do:

Your filter will stop making all these noises once you clean it out

To clean it start off by opening the filter and removing the filter sponges and the filter media.

You can use the water from the tank, not tap water, to wash the filter media. Using tap water is not recommended because it will kill off the beneficial bacteria that is in the filter media and in the sponges. If this is allowed to happen then there will be an ammonia spike in your pet’s water.

The next step would be to clean the filter’s pipework. Use the old tank water and a filter-cleaning brush to clean the pipework.

Once all his cleaning is done you’d need to replace the old filter media with a new filter media

Once all the above is done you can go ahead and put the filter back together, secure it in your tank, and switch it on. The filter should run smoothly and quietly from now on.

Faulty filter:

Another reason why your filter may be making loud noises is that the filter is faulty.

A variety of things could be going wrong with the filter, the impeller, the part of the filter that spins, may be defective. If the filter is buzzing then this may mean that you have a faulty water pump, this is dangerous.

The water flow rate of your filter unit may be set to be too high and this might cause you to hear strange sounds as well

Your filter may also be making odd sounds but it is simply too old and needs replacing.

What to do:

You’d need to figure out what is wrong with your filter and remedy it.

If the impeller is defective then you may need to lubricate it, you can do this with Vaseline. If the impeller is broken then you’ll need to replace it. You’d need to replace the water pump if it is faulty

If your water flow rate is incorrect then you’d need to set it to where it produces an average or moderate flow

You may need to replace the whole filter if the filter is too old.

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Why Is My Turtle Filter So Loud? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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