Do pigeons eat mice?

Pigeons aren’t very picky eaters, these animals are known to happily eat a variety of foods, some of which are less than desirable to humans. Pigeons are opportunistic feeders and can survive on a variety of different foods. Generally, all pigeons are able to survive on a diet of seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, small insects […]

Do pigeons eat clay?

Humans use clay for a variety of reasons, bentonite clay is used on the skin and hair, it is said to remove toxins and give you that squeaky clean feeling. Modelling clay is used by children to play, explore and enjoy. Types of edible clay can be used in medicine to relieve stomach disorders and […]

Do pigeons eat chicken?

Many of us have seen pigeons eat foods that many would consider being only for human consumption, pigeons in the wild aren’t known to eat foods such as French fries, burgers, and the wide variety of bread that humans enjoy. The reason why these animals are able to eat these foods is that they are […]

Do pigeons eat bugs?

Every animal in existence plays a part in the ecosystem in one way or another. We humans may not see the benefit of certain animals but the rest of the ecosystem does. If your backyard is infested with bugs you may have considered calling pest control to deal with the situation but nature has its […]

Do pigeons eat meat?

Pigeons are known to eat almost anything, these birds are opportunistic creatures and because of this, they will eat all types of foods that may seem unsavoury to humans, this includes food thrown in the trash and food thrown on the floor. The diet that is best for pigeons is the diet that they naturally […]

Do pigeons eat popcorn?

If you’re a pigeon owner, or regularly feed backyard pigeons, you may grow tired of feeding these birds birdseed, and because of this, you may want to add variety into their diets. Wanting to feed your backyard pigeons a healthy and nutritious variety of food is wise. If pigeons aren’t given a good variety of […]

Do pigeons eat other birds eggs?

Certain birds are known to steal other bird eggs and have them for a meal. Eggs contain good amounts of protein and other nutrients that can benefit a thieving bird. Thieving birds need to be aggressive and intelligent to pull this off as parent birds may be nearby, one example of such a thieving bird […]

Do pigeons eat grass?

Upkeep of a lawn can be a very time consuming and expensive activity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for backyard animals to damage your lawn forcing you to start over. Some backyard critters remove insects such as grubs and earthworms from you your lawn and others simply eat at your fruits, flowers and create holes […]

Do pigeons eat fish?

Pigeons eat a variety of foods. These wild birds are opportunistic feeders that can survive on a wide variety of foods. Both wild and domesticated pigeons eat whatever they can to sustain life and the two have a very similar diet, this diet includes small lizards, fruits, nuts, vegetables and, seeds. If you own a […]

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