Best natural ant killer: EcoRaider Ant Killer

Ants are a nuisance inside and outside the home. They come with a variety of diseases and can be quite dangerous to your health and structures if not kept under control. Yes, they have their benefits but mostly they spoil the food in your pantry and force you to throw everything out. Thankfully there are […]

Why do ants come in the house in summer?

Summer is the time of year where you should be enjoying the sun, sand and outdoors. It’s also the time of year where ants will try to enter your house. This article answers the question “why do ants come in the house in summer” and what you can do about it. Why do ants come […]

How does teamwork help ants survive?

You’ve probably noticed ants working together in groups. There is strength in numbers and these group efforts allow them to get more done. They communicate using their antennas as well as chemicals to get things done. The chemicals they use to communicate are called pheromones, they use them to signal to other ants to defend […]

Can ants damage your house? Yes, this is how

Can ants damage your house? Yes, yes they can, these little creatures might not seem like something to worry about but you should worry. Their small size won’t cause damage like raccoons and squirrels might but they can damage your house in small ways. Can ants damage your house? Ants are a nuisance to say […]

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