Pet safe fire ant killer: EcoSmart Organic Home Pest Control.

Yes, ants have their pros and cons, in fact, we can learn some life lessons from ants, but overall they can be a nuisance and dangerous. Finding a link between a safe pet control product and a product that is strong enough to rid your property of fire ants can be quite the challenge. Thankfully pest control companies have the solution. Well, Ecosmart has the solution. An easy to use, quick-acting solution in a bottle. This article looks at the best pet safe fire ant killer: EcoSmart Organic Home Pest Control.

Ants are a nuisance inside or outside the house. They can damage your home in a very big way. Fire ants are one of the most dangerous type of ants. They can cause huge amounts of damage to you, your children and pets. Their bites are one of the most painful and can be deadly. If you get bitten you can wind up with issues such as nausea, excessive itching, seating and death in some cases. This is why it is necessary to find a fire ant killer that does the job and well. If you have pets it’s even more important to find a fire ant killer that won’t cause harm to your pets.

Things you need to know about the product:

  • Kills on contact
  • Safe to use around both pets and children
  • Can be used indoors and outside
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use
  • Non-toxic

Company background:

Ecosmart is a well-known pest control brad, their products are known to be safe to use around both humans and pets.  They are the go-to brand for alternatives to synthetic pesticides.  The brand is committed to producing products that are natural, organic and made from plant oils thus killing pests in a good and safe way. They are just as effective as conventional pesticides, giving you peace of mind without harming the environment. If you need a product to get your fire ant problem (and other insect problem) resolved then this is your answer. It’s made from organic plant based oils that will eliminate your ant problem with no side effects.

Top features:

Easy to use and long-lasting:

This is a ready-to-use product that requires no mixing, measuring or guessing. You only have to use this product once to get rid of your fire ant problem. If you use it correctly and as the packaging suggests you can use it and it will last for a couple of weeks.


Because this product uses organic ingredients the product is not harmful to the environment, animals, pets, people or children. The formulation is made up of essential plant oils and it has a fresh scent.

We know that pests love interacting with new things in the environment, smelling, licking and eating anything they see as food. If your pets do this and ingest this product your furry friend won’t get sick.  As a bonus, if you or your child are ill or are usually triggered by pesticides then this won’t be like the others and trigger anything.

It is also safe for the environment. It won’t affect or contaminate groundwater supplies, it also won’t harm fish or freshwater supplies. In addition, it is biodegradable.


The product smells of peppermint and cinnamon. This blend is a lovely alternative if you’re trying to avoid the harsh chemical smells of conventional pesticides. If you aren’t usually a fan of fragranced products then I recommend that you use it in a small area as a test to see if you like it or if you don’t.

The scent can be quite strong for some people as the product contains essential oils so take that into consideration.  If you decide to use it inside your house but realize that you used too much be sure to ventilate the area, opening windows and doors.

How to use:

This is an easy to use product that can be used outside or inside the house. The product has a nozzle where the product will come out. You simply need to turn the nozzle to the “on” position and you’ll be ready to spray.

If you are using it outside as a barrier treatment make sure that you remove any debris, and leaves from around the foundation of the house. To avoid ants escaping into your house make sure that there is an inch between the vegetation and the walls as ants can use this as a bridge to escape into your house.

To create a barrier around our home spray a 12-inch wide barrier around your home. If you find any insects in your path spray them as well. Ensure that your applications of the product is uniform and wet.

When spaying inside the house spray in any areas that you find fire ants. This can be in cracks of your house, crevices, windows frames, in attics, basements and other crawl spaces. When spraying ensure that you spray until the area is wet but don’t leave the area soaking with the product.


This product is sure to keep your fire ants from coming into the hose. You’ll find that it’s quite effective which is quite surprising considering that it’s a safe product. The room you spray in will smell like the product but the smell will dissipate in a day or so and your ant problem will be no more.

You need to make sure you target all the areas that you think the insects may be hiding, don’t omit any areas, if you do insects will seek refuge there. Even though this is a natural product it is still a pesticide and if you get it into your eyes or onto your skin you should wash it out and seek medical attention. Especially if the product reacts badly on your skin.

Solutions to other types of ant issues:

If you need a product that will help you get rid of your outdoor ants easily and quickly then I suggest you read this article. You might also be looking for a product that can help you get rid of ant mounds specifically, if so then you can have a look at this article. Here is an article looking at various ways you can get rid of ants.

I hope you enjoyed this article looking at the best pet safe fire ant killer. Yes, ants can be very beneficial but not always. So keep them out of your property and you’ll be better off. If you enjoyed this article please share it.

Pet safe fire ant killer: EcoSmart Organic Home Pest Control.
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