Chicken Legs Trembling (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Knowing why your bird does certain things will help you understand the bird better overall, this includes knowing why your bird’s legs are trembling.

This article looks into why your chicken’s legs are trembling

Chicken trembling legs:

A tremble may be new behavior or may be something that the bird does all the time. Knowing why your bird does this, and dealing with it, will be helpful to the bird.

This is why your chicken’s legs are trembling:

It is cold:

Similarly to how humans shake and tremble when cold, your bird may do this too in its legs. Your bird’s legs will tremble to produce energy when the bird is cold.

If its cold out and your bird’s legs are trembling then the bird may only be doing this at the bird’s legs because the skin in this area is exposed and the bird needs to warm up in this area.

What to do:

The trembling will usually be enough to keep the bird’s legs cold but you can help out as well.

You can help by leaving heat lamps and warming pads out for the birds to huddle up around when the birds start to feel cold.

High-strung birds:

Another reason why your bird’s leg may be trembling may be because the bird is high-strung. Your bird may regularly be nervous or watchful and the bird will show this by trembling its leg.

Bantum chickens seem to be more high-strung than other types of chickens but all chicken breeds can be high-strung.

What to do:

Some birds will simply have a nervous and watchful personality.

As long as there aren’t any threats around and as long as the bird isn’t showing any other signs of being in distress then you don’t have to worry, this is simply their personality.

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Chicken Legs Trembling (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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