Why Your Chickens Head Doesn’t Move (1 Reason Why)

Chickens navigate differently than humans do in the wild, and one example of this is the bids ability to keep its head very stable a lot of the time. but how and why do these birds do this?

This article explores why your chickens head doesn’t seem to move

Why your chicken’s head doesn’t move:

Chickens don’t do anything for the fun of it and a bird keeping its head stable at all times is done for a reason.

Here is why your chickens head doesn’t move:

Your chicken will not move its head too much because the stability helps the bid see as well as possible. Our eyes, and the eyes of chickens can see best when we or the bird is not moving.

If your bird were to move its head too much while walking or doing any other action then its receptors would blur the image and the bird wouldn’t be able to see what is happening in its environment.

The birds have evolved to do this and have played some part in keeping them safe from predators. It has also helped the bird hunt for and successfully catch prey when hunting.

The bird can’t focus on something and move their eyes the same way that humans do when focusing on something because your chicken’s eyes can’t move its eyes like humans can, to make up for this, the chicken will stabilize its whole head keeping it in position while the rest of its body moves.

Your chicken can do this because of the large number of vertebrae in their neck, and they can accommodate these large number of vertebrae because they have long dinosaur necks.

What to do:

This is not something to worry or to be concerned about, this is perfectly normal and natural for chickens, all you can do is look at your bird in amusement when it does this.

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Why Your Chickens Head Doesn’t Move (1 Reason Why)
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