Rooster Shaking Legs (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Roosters may take some time to get used to before you get comfortable with them and they become comfortable with you, and even then they still may surprise you! One thing that may surprise you is a rooster shaking its legs.

This article looks into why your mighty rooster may be shaking its legs.

Rooster shaking legs:

Any change in how your bird is behaving will raise alarm bells for you a chicken or rooster raiser and one thing that will definitely raise alarm bells is a rooster that is shaking its legs

Here are the reason why your rooster may be doing this:

The bird is nervous:

Roosters are known to be strong and fearless birds but some of these birds may also be a bit high-strung and nervous on occasion or often.

If your bird isn’t showing any odd worrying signs along with the shaking of the leg then the nervousness may be the reason for this odd behavior.

What to do:

This isn’t something to worry about, if the bird has always expressed this nervousness or only does this occasionally and doesn’t seem to be in distress then the bird should be fine and you should have nothing to worry about.

The bird is cold:

Another reason why your bid may be trembling its leg may be because the bird is cold. Birds have a number of ways of keeping themselves warm and one way is by trembling their feet or trembling just their legs.

This trembling speeds up the bird’s metabolism and this warms their bodies up.

What to do:

This is perfectly normal and isn’t something that you should worry about either. However, you can help the bid warm up by leaving heat lamps around and allowing the bird to huddle up under the heat lamp and also leaving heating pads in places where the bids can access

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Rooster Shaking Legs (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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