Do Raccoons Eat Ducks? How Raccoons Catch And Kill Ducks

Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, they will eat almost anything put in front of them, they are also intelligent, curious, and are willing to do almost anything to get a meal.

If you are raising ducks you may be concerned about their safety if raccoons live in the area, but do raccoons eat ducks? This article looks into it 

Raccoons will certainly eat ducks, these birds have no natural defenses against raccoons, or against any other predators for that matter, this makes them easy prey for raccoons. Ducks are delicious and nutritious for raccoons

Do raccoons eat ducks?

Raccoons are omnivores, this means that they eat both plant and animal matter.

Meat is a major part of the raccoon diet, these animals cannot get all the nutrients they need from plants so they supplement their diet with meat.

Raccoons will eat a variety of birds including chickens, songbirds, turkeys, and even ducks. 

How raccoons are designed to catch and eat ducks:

These mammals prefer readily available food sources, ducks are a readily available food source and are easy prey for raccoons. A duck will not be able to overpower a raccoon, raccoons are stronger than almost any dog and are certainly stronger than any duck

The raccoon’s long, sharp, and strong teeth and claws can easily tear into the duck’s body and quickly subdue the bird.

Not only are raccoons equipped to hunt and kill ducks, but their highly acidic stomach acids are able to break down the bird’s flesh and meat.

If your ducks are not protected, raccoons will have no problem finding and killing them. Raccoons have a strong sense of smell, this sense of smell helps them sniff ducks out and find them.

Raccoons prefer to eat easier prey like chicks, ducklings, and eggs, these are easier to catch and offer less resistance to being killed. However, a raccoon will prey on and kill an adult duck if it is hungry enough

Health benefits of raccoons eating ducks:

Using chicken wire to secure the duck’s pen isn’t recommended because raccoons will tear through it like paper.

Durk meat is quite nutrient-dense, it also has a rich meaty flavor which raccoons enjoy. This meat has high levels of protein and fats as well as micronutrients such as niacin, selenium, and iron. These are beneficial to raccoons

The fat in duck meat will be a good source of calories for the raccoons, calories are a source of energy. The protein in duck meat will help with cell regeneration within the raccoon as well as helping with the development of body tissue

How do ducks defend themselves?

Ducks are one of the most vulnerable animals to raise, this is why the phrase “sitting duck” was coined, these animals essentially have no natural means to defend themselves against any predators.

They don’t have sharp beak’s which could stab a predator, rather, their beaks are rounded. They are not able to fly, which would otherwise help them flee, and their feet and wings are not weapons either.

You protecting them is their only form of protection.

How do raccoons kill ducks? 

In order for a raccoon to kill a duck, it first needs to enter into the pen. Raccoons are very determined when looking for food, they will go out of their way to get food.

The mammal will claw, burrow and break into your duck pen in an effort to get in. If there is a space that is weak, thin, worn, or torn, then the raccoon will attempt to enter through it

If a raccoon cannot get into the enclosure, it may wait at the fence until a duck approaches, the raccoon will then grab the duck by its head and try to pull it through.

Ducks are big bodied animals with small heads, the raccoon will not be able to pull the whole duck through the fence and will end up ripping the duck’s head off

What animals eat ducks?

Many animals are fully aware that ducks cannot protect themselves thus, ducks have many predators namely: 

  • Bobcats 
  • Foxes 
  • Owls 
  • Minks 
  • Hawks


In conclusion, yes, raccoons eat ducks.

Raccoons enjoy this animal’s rich meaty taste, they also enjoy that this bird is easy to catch and kill. Duck meat delivers a variety of vitamins and minerals to raccoons, including protein, fat, niacin, selenium, and iron.

These animals are also prey to a variety of other predators such as bobcats, foxes, owls, minks, and hawks

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Do Raccoons Eat Ducks? How Raccoons Catch And Kill Ducks
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