Do Raccoons Eat Nyjer Seed? How To Protect Against Raccoons

Nyjer seeds are sometimes fed to backyard birds. This small black seed is both delicious and nutritious to a variety of birds.

However, this seed can be quite an expensive seed to feed birds, it’s understandable why you’d want the seeds to go to birds and not other wild animals. But do other wild animals enjoy this seed? Do raccoons eat nyjer seed? This article looks into it 

Raccoons do eat nyjer seed, raccoons are happy to eat a variety of seeds, nyjer seed included. This seed is highly nutritious, and is easy to get a hold of for raccoons looking for food in your garden and bird feeders 

Do raccoons eat nyjer seed?

Raccoons are known to be able to eat almost anything put in front of them. Not only are they omnivores, (they eat both plant and animal matter) but they are opportunistic feeders as well, they eat almost anything put in front of them. 

These animals are common invaders whether you’re living in urban areas or suburban areas.

Their diet in the wild varies, it includes seeds and can include nyjer seed as well. 

Health benefits of raccoons eating nyjer seeds

Nyjer seeds are very nutritious to not only birds but to raccoons as well. Seeds in general are high-energy foods that are enjoyed by raccoons. This seed in particular has high amounts of oil and other nutrients. 

Oils are an essential nutrient needed in the raccoon diet, they enable the raccoon’s body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin E.

The oils in these seeds also offer calories, a calorie is a unit of energy, the oils also regulate the raccoon’s body temperature.

The seeds are also a good source of protein, fatty acids, niacin, fibers, ascorbic acids, riboflavin, sodium, magnesium, potassium, copper, calcium, zinc, stearic acid, 

Do raccoons eat birdseed?

Raccoons will eat almost anything, birdseed included.  Raccoons don’t just eat birdseed, they devour birdseed and leave nothing for birds to eat.

Raccoons raiding your bird feeders is more common during the cold winter months when food is scarce and raccoons are looking for a meal. 

These animals will be more creative and bold when looking for foods to eat. Even going as far as entering your yard and home looking for food.

These animals are able to eat a variety of other foods as well. This article looks more into what raccoons eat

What to feed birds without attracting raccoons: 

Raccoons are sensitive to spicy foods, hot foods irritate their sense of smell, birds have no problem eating spicy foods.

You can purchase birdseed that has spices mixed in and leave this out for birds, this will keep raccoons away. You can also make your own bird feeder and add hot pepper oil to the feed. 

What is a good raccoon repellent?


Raccoons have an advanced sense of smell, and they don’t like citrus. You can use this to your advantage by leaving citrus peels around your property, this will deter raccoons. You can also apply orange essential oil on your property to keep raccoons away. 


This is another food that raccoons aren’t very fond of. If raccoons smell onions around your property they will keep away from it. Replace your old onions with new cut up onions to maintain the potency of this repellent 

There are a variety of other foods that raccoons can’t eat. This article is a more in-depth look at what raccoons can’t eat

Raccoon repellent:

These can be found in pet stores and are a convenient and easy-to-use solution to keep raccoons away. 


In conclusion, yes raccoons do eat nyjer seed.

This seed is enjoyed by a variety of wild animals, raccoons included. These animals love nyjer seeds because they are relatively easy to find and access in urban and suburban areas. They are also nutrient-rich and a good source of energy. 

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Do Raccoons Eat Nyjer Seed? How To Protect Against Raccoons
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