Do skunks eat meat? Are skunks predators?

May animals are omnivores, more than we expect. So do skunks eat meat?

Skunks do eat meat. Meat is a large part of the skunk’s diet, as long as they get the right kind of meat. They eat rodents, rabbits, fish and snakes to name a few. Skunks don’t do well with processed meats as these disrupt their immune and digestive systems. They have sharp teeth to tear into meat

Skunks have black, brown, grey, and white furry coats, bushy tails, nimble feet and are quite unique, but what do they eat? Do nuts and berries fulfil their dietary needs or do skunks eat meat? You may be surprised to know what studies show about these fragrant creatures.

These animals are dorable, amazing and quite fun creatures. Skunks can make for great household pets and sweet wildlife friends. While all are stripped from birth it’s not all black and white with them, their coats are shades of black, grey, brown cream and white. They have excellent smell and hearing but poor long-range vision. As pets, they can live up to 10 years old. While in the wild they may survive for around 5.

Do skunks eat meat?

Yes, skunks do eat meat. As with other cute creatures, what skunks eat determines how healthy they are and how long they live. These animals are hunters and foragers. Scientifically referred to as an omnivore, they eat plants and meats. Yet if they should speak, they would tell you that they really love meat with 90% of their diet consisting of meat treats.

In the wild, their chosen menu consists of snakes, insects, rodents, eggs, rabbits, fish, moles, reptiles, and nesting birds. Occasionally snacking on fruits or plants such as grass, cherries, grapes, berries laying around on the ground during fall and winter.

That being said, what skunks eat can be lethal treats. Their prey includes some lethal pests. They often eat meats such as rabid rabbits, venomous snakes, and even black widows. Skunks can fall prey to the food they hunt.

They are more of a lover than a fighter so skunks aren’t well equipped for combat. Skunks often forage through garbage for scraps eating whatever rotting fruits or crops humans wouldn’t eat. This tells us that that they lack healthy vitamins and become plagued by intestinal worms.

Their teeth are sharp and thin for ripping and eating meat but their jaws can’t handle much chewing. Wrong types of foods painfully destroy their teeth, causing a bacterial infection. Wrong canned meat preservatives cause allergic reactions and bowel disruptions.

Processed meats cause chemical and hormonal damages to their digestive and immune systems. A skunk hunts for defenceless prey, prey that is naturally ready to eat, which is exactly how they like their meal. Skunks don’t spray their prey, even skunks don’t want to eat smelly meat. They pounce on their animal prey after using stealth to hunt it.

A healthy skunk doesn’t drink much water, but fresh water needs to be available all the time. It’s important they have foods containing moisture. Eggs are moist, plus rich in Vitamins A, B, D, E, and lecithin nutrients too. Vegetables, fruits, poultry, insects, raw nuts and hulled seeds have the necessary fats and minerals your skunk needs for energy

Why do skunks eat meat?

The reason they eat meat is because their stomach lacks the chemicals to digest most plant-based protein. That being said, their small bodies cannot contest larger beasts in fights for meat. Some berries are seasonal, and their preferred prey hibernate, so they make do with the few foods available. They feast on berries when meat is hard to find during wintertime.

Are skunks cannibals?

No skunks are not cannibals. They would never eat the meat of another skunk. Skunks prefer tastier treats such as honeybees, moles, rabbits, snakes, and such. They prey on other smaller animals, insects, and pesky bugs. Here is more info on skunks eating bees, here is more info on skunks eating mice.

Are skunks good for anything?

More than you think! Skunks prey on pests and insects that are often lethal to humans. These include venomous snakes, mice, bugs and even the fatal black widows are favourite skunk dishes. Plus, they are adorable friends. I wouldn’t take perfume advice from them though, I’m just saying.

Will a skunk attack you?

Skunks are lovers not fighters at heart. They are docile and like to stick to themselves. Yet if they feel cornered and threatened then they will respond with no delay, prepared to get sprayed or nipped by thin sharp teeth and tiny paws. Stay away from them to avoid being sprayed.


These adorable animals are covered in cute furry coats, skunks make adorable pets and great friends. Keeping them healthy, and strong, we’ve got to feed them the right food in the right proportions.

Answering the question, do skunks eat meat? We’ve come to realize that 90% of their diet relies on meat proteins and minerals. Most processed foods are a no go, even some dog foods are a no.

Vegetable, fruits and nuts are good for moisture and fat. When feeding skunks, remember to be mindful of their sharp thin teeth. Also, remember not to threaten these animals. Skunks are lovers, not fighters, and if befriended, they’ll charm the heart in you.

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Do skunks eat meat? Are skunks predators?
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