Do skunks eat mice? Mice as skunk meals

Not many people like mice, luckily many other animals eat them. So do skunks eat mice?

Skunks do eat mice. Mice as meals give skunks good amounts of protein, which is needed for all animals, they are also easy pickings for skunks. These tiny animals are abundant and easy for skunks to catch. They are much smaller than skunks making them easy prey and defenceless which is a plus for skunks.

Mice are a nuisance, they chew up anything they can get their hands on and spread disease as well. Some animals are known to eat mice. These animals are natures pest control and help humans get rid of these tiny creates. So do skunks eat mice?

Skunks are arguably one of the most feared small mammals on earth. These creatures with their black and white fur may look cute and harmless to you, but beware as not all that glitters is gold.

When threatened, a skunk is known to release a foul-smelling spray from a gland underneath its tail to defend itself. The odour of this spray is powerful enough to ward off large creatures like bears. Humans who’ve been hit by a skunk’s spray liken it to a tear gas because it can cause nausea, coughing, and temporary blindness.

Do skunks eat mice?

When it comes to eating other animals, skunks usually go for creatures smaller than themselves. They aren’t well-equipped for combat and thus tend to target animals that they consider defenceless and easy meals. Mice are one of such animals

Skunks generally do not go around looking for mice and other rodents to eat, skunks will hunt mice only as a last resort. In the spring and summer, when insects are most plentiful, a skunk would be content with eating bugs or feeding on fruits and vegetables.

You don’t want a skunk anywhere close to your vicinity, but these creatures could come in handy if you ever need help with reducing the population of mice in your yard. Skunks can be extremely beneficial as they eat mice, rats and other small creatures you may not want in your backyard.

Mice are no doubt easy pickings for a skunk and other animals in the wild, but they aren’t always safe to ingest. Skunks that eat mice can become infected with the protozoan organism Toxoplasma, roundworm, or suffer from rat bait poisoning.

In an attempt to reduce the mice population around one’s home, a lot of people resort to rodenticides. These chemicals are designed to kill mice and rats. These products are known to also harm skunks. Other wildlife and pets that feed on any of the poisoned mice will also be harmed.

What animals eat mice?

Felines: Hunting for mice and other rodents is a natural activity for felines of all kinds. Domesticated cats may not eat mice but they will definitely chase after one and kill it if found in their territory.

Owls: Barn owls are competent mice predators. These creatures are so good at hunting mice that one family of owls can eat over a dozen mice in one night.

Snakes: Snakes chiefly prey on field mice and other rodents. Snakes enjoy eating mice as they are easy to kill and provide them with a protein-rich meal.

Weasels: Weasels are another popular mice predator. The weasel’s slender body allows it to follow prey into tight spaces making it the perfect mouse hunter.

Skunks: Skunks may have an insect and fruit-based diet, but they are also popular mice eaters consuming thousands each year.

What do skunks eat?

Skunks do not hibernate and thus can search for food throughout the year even during winter months. These animals can eat just about anything that lives or grows in the wild. They will also eat human food if found.

Skunks are omnivores by nature, meaning they can eat both animal and plant matter. In the wild, skunks eat bees, ants, grasshoppers, rodents, moles, eggs, small snakes, birds, beetles, grubs, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

In urban areas, skunks generally eat grain crops such as corn, garden fruits, mice, human waste, garbage, and dog or cat food. Click to read more about skunks eating meat here and more on skunks eating bees here.

Will a skunk spray you for no reason?

No, skunks won’t spray you for no reason. Skunks aren’t powerful enough to fight off predators, but they have something that helps keep them safe from being prey to vicious animals in the wild, their skunk spray.

Skunks are known to release a spray of oily liquid when they feel threatened. This spray smells so awful that other animals hoping to feed on the skunk abandon it to look for easier meals.

You may know a person or two who have been sprayed by skunks in the past, but the truth is, skunks don’t want to spray you! They won’t spray you for no reason.

A skunk only unleashes its smelly spray when it feels threatened. Before spraying you, it warns you by:

  • Raising its tail and shaking it angrily
  • Stomping, hissing and puffing up its fur like an angry cat
  • If you keep approaching the skunk, it turns its back towards you and shoots at you

Always do well to pay attention to the above signs so you don’t end up a victim.


Skunks eat mice and can play a large part in keeping your mouse problem in check. Mice may be a last resort food choice for skunks but skunks will still happily eat these animals none the less. Felines, barn owls, snakes and weasels eat mice as well

Skunks are one of the beautiful and fascinating creatures that live in the wild and sometimes amongst us. They may be unpleasant neighbours, but they can also be beneficial predators helping you control garden pests like insects, rodents, snails, and slugs in your yard or garden.

If found in your yard, don’t seek to harm them – give them the chance to flee, and they will do just that! They are not looking to spray indiscriminately, a skunk will spay you as a last resort.

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Do skunks eat mice? Mice as skunk meals
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