How do birds find water?

Whether you’re talking about a human or an animal we all need water, water is indeed life. Staying hydrated is a must no matter what type of animal you are. Humans have built infrastructures around making the water as simple and easy as possible to have access to. One twist of the tap and water flows right out. But how about animals that don’t have the water transporting infrastructure that humans have? How do birds find water?

One of the main ways that birds get water into their systems is by eating foods that are rich in fluids, this is the source of most of the water they need. These foods can include juicy fruits and even water filled worms which are a reservoir of water. If they do need to find water they will fly over locations and use their sharp eyes to find the water.

How do birds find water?

Water bills (pun not intended) do not worry a bird at all. This is not just because they don’t rely on piped water, but also because they eat food rich in fluids. From succulent fruits to worms with high liquid content, birds have a lot of water in their food.

Most of all, they have the advantage of an aerial scan to find water and drink it by “licking” it into their beak and then leaning back to swallow it down their throats.

Can birds see water?

Birds detect water mostly by sight or sound. They will see the shimmering light reflecting from the small waves or ripples created by moving water and approach it for a drink or a bath. Birds are more likely to detect moving water. They will also follow the sound of moving water. Stil water may occasionally attract birds when the sunlight is reflected from it, or if there is a source of food for the birds inside it.

How do you attract birds to drinking water?

The action of water moving through the air aerates it and keeps it fresh. Therefore, rather than keeping a stagnant source of water, use a water fountain to attract birds.

Some pet care shops also provide bird waterers that will keep water fresh but require a bit of getting used to for the birds. If you use a fountain or birdbath, provide smooth stones or plants that the bird can grip on to avoid drowning. 

Why are birds not coming to my birdbath?

Birds keep away from birdbaths for several reasons, but the key reason is safety. Ensure that the birdbath is not too deep for the target birds, as they are unlikely to bathe in water that can drown them. Another safety scare is predation. Cats and other animals that prey on birds may be frightening them away.  

If your upper knuckles disappear in a birdbath, then it is too deep for the birds. Adjust it by adding round stones with a good grip for birds. Keep other pets from interfering with the birdbath and keep them away from it. Pick a good location that is out of reach of wild predators to keep birds safe. 

Use bird food to attract them to your water bath. Keep natural bird food that will replenish itself to balance out feeding and bathing. Keep the birdbath near plants that birds like to feed on and use plants that attract insects that birds prey on. If no natural bird food is available, use artificial bird feeders with a variety of bird food to attract birds. 

You may also attract and keep birds near you by having small trees that they are likely to nest in. Complement these with plants that will serve as the source of their nesting material.

Should I leave water out for birds?

Yes, if you want to keep attracting birds, ensure water meant for them is kept clean even if left out. Stale water repels most birds. If you chose to use a bird waterer, observe the birds and determine if they are comfortable getting water this way. 


In conclusion, there are two ways that birds find water, one is through the water rich foods that they eat. This includes water from worms as well as water from juicy fruits that birds find in the wild.

If they need water they will fly overhead using their sharp eyes to find water. They identify water by the reflection it makes and the sound it makes. Thus if you want to attract birds use a fountain as the water will be reflected and the bird will see it. Also, ensure that the water you leave out for birds is clean.

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How do birds find water?
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