Why Does My Tortoise Wag Its Tail? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)

A variety of animals wag their tails, well, dogs do for the most part, and we know that dogs wag their tails because they are excited, but how about when a turtle wags its tail?

This article looks into why your tortoise may be wagging its tail.

Why does my tortoise wag its tail?

Tortoises exhibit a variety of weird and wacky behaviors, you may have seen your pets do a lot of weird and wacky behaviors but you may not have seen your tortoise wag its tail

Here is why your tortoise may be wagging its tail:


If your tortoise is wagging its tail then the animal is likely about to poop or is currently pooping, tail wagging in tortoises helps the animal get the poop out.

What to do:

You don’t have to do anything or worry about anything if you see this happening, this is normal behavior, your tort will pass the bowel movement and will carry on in its day as though nothing happened.

Happy tortoise:

Unlike with dogs a tortoise wagging its tail doesn’t necessarily mean that the animal is happy. You’ll know that your tortoise is happy if it is curious, active, and is comfortable being around you.

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Why Does My Tortoise Wag Its Tail? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)
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