Why Is My Turtle’s Tail Tucked In? (1 Surpising Reason Why + What To Do)

Any change in the behavior of your turtle, regardless of how slight that change is, will pique your interest, and a change in your pet’s behavior may include your turtle’s tail tucking in.

This article looks into why your turtle’s tail is tucked in.

Why is my turtle’s tail tucked in?

If something new is happening with your turtle, if the animal starts tucking its tail in, then you’d probably wonder why, here is why your turtle tucks its tail in:

They are afraid:

If your turtle does something, like knock against the glass of its enclosure just before it tucks its tail in then this means that the animal is a bit scared.

This tucking of the tail can also happen when the animal gets a little scared because it thinks that there is a predator around.

The animal may also get a bit frightened because it is sick or, because it is uncountable during the early stages of living with you.

This behavior is expressed when the animal is slightly scared but not when the animal is very scared, if the turtle is in serious fear then the animal will bring its head and limbs into its shell

What to do:

Once the reason behind the fear in your turtle is gone the animal’s tail will relax or extend again.

Your pet will eventually calm itself down and bring its tail out.

If you’ve just brought your turtle home for the first time then you’d need to give it time to get used to you. You’ll know that the animal is used to you once it does not curl its tail when you pick it up.

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Why Is My Turtle’s Tail Tucked In? (1 Surpising Reason Why + What To Do)
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