Budgie Flapping Wings Rapidly (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Budgies are sweet birds to keep, these birds like to spend time with you. These birds are also very social birds however, some budgie behaviors are quite foreign to us humans.

This article is a look into why your budgie may be flapping its wings so rapidly

Budgie flapping wings rapidly:

A sudden change in how your budgie is acting, even the smallest of changes, is cause for alarm for many bird owners. There are a few reasons why your bird may be flapping its wings rapidly, these include:

Attention seeking:

Once a budgie starts to love and accept you the bird will want to spend a lot of time with you.

The bird will try to get your attention by flapping its wings when you come around as a way to get you to spend some time with it, the flapping is the bird’s way of being the first one to get your attention when you get into a room

What to do:

If the bird is seeking your attention then you can go ahead and give the bird the attention it so very much wants and needs. These birds need at least an hour of your attention a day, you can give this to the bird to satisfy it.

The hours a day spent with the bird doesn’t have to be an hour straight, you can spend many short sessions with your budgie throughout the day.


If the bird can tell that you are coming over to play with it then it will flap its wings rapidly, the bird will do this because it is excited that you are about to play with it.

This excitement will be seen in birds who are used to you and comfortable with you, this relationship will usually develop over time but once the bird likes you the bird will do this frequently.

What to do:

This is normal budgie behavior, all you need to do is allow yourself to enjoy your time with the bird and let it enjoy its time with you

In fact, you should be happy that the bird is comfortable with you and wants to spend time with you, these birds don’t easily and quickly adjust to humans so the bird being excited that you’re coming towards it is an achievement


Budgies in the wild were allowed to roam free and go wherever they wanted to go, this isn’t the case for domesticated budgies. Budgies don’t need all this free space in order to live happy lives but they do need some sort of exercise

The birds may be flapping their wings rapidly as a way of stretching their wings and as a way of exercising on your property.

What to do:

A bird that is constantly flapping its wings as a way of exercising will be better off if you let it out of its cage regularly.

This will give the bird the opportunity to exercise and explore more of your property. Be sure that the room you let your bird out in is budgie-safe.


Fear can cause these birds to do a variety of things, including flapping their wings, this flapping of their wings is the bird’s way of trying to escape a predator or trying to scare a predator off.

If the bird tries to flap its wings as a way to scare a predator off then the bird may also make loud noises as a way to intimidate a predator, the bird may also lunge at the predator or bite it if it sees fit to.

The bird may also rapidly flap its wings trying to get rid of the predator, if the bird acts this way then it is likely very stressed.

Unfortunately, if the bird flaps its wings trying to escape, it may injure itself in the cage.

What to do:

Figuring out what your bird is afraid of and removing this threat will stop the bird’s rapid wing flapping and will get the bird to calm down.

Take note of when the bird starts to act this way, remove the threat and keep it out of the bird’s eyesight. The threat may be a wild animal, your domestic dog or cat, and even a person who is simply unknown to the bird.

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Budgie Flapping Wings Rapidly (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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