Budgie Cooing (Why This Happens + What To Do)

Budgies are known to make a variety of different sounds, these different sounds are the bird’s way of communicating with each other and with us as humans.

A budgie will also coo to us and others as a way of trying to communicate. This article looks into why budgies coo.

Budgie cooing:

Cooing sounds are commonly heard in pigeons but aren’t so commonly heard in budgies, however, a variety of birds other than pigeons will coo, including budgies.

Why a budgie will coo:

The birds will coo when they feel happy, comfortable, and secure in their environment.

Budgies can take a while to get used to your environment and get used to you, but once they are comfortable they will coo in satisfaction.

The birds will coo as loudly as they can if there is ambient noise in the room, if your radio or TV is on then the bird will try to keep up with this noise.

What to do:

If you don’t mind that the bird is cooing a lot, and you don’t mind the noise, then you should be happy that your bird is cooing. Cooing means that you’ve made the bird happy and comfortable enough to where it communicates this way.

However, as great as the cooing may be this can still be quite loud and disturbing especially if your bird is constantly cooing, or, even if you are fine with it your neighbors may not be fine with it.

You could choose to move the bird’s cage to a farther side of the house, this won’t stop the bird from cooing but you will hear it less if it’s far away from you.

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Budgie Cooing (Why This Happens + What To Do)
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